Monday, January 2, 2012

Eye of the Beholder

I always enjoy seeing the types and colors of horses that different people connect with. Personally I have always been drawn to grey horses or ponies. Mom told me that when I was little I said I wanted a grey pony. Why? I have no idea. To this day a grey will draw my eye.
Breed wise, I have never been specific. I believe that stems from growing up a military brat and depending on school horses for my education. I learned to ride a variety of sizes and attitudes. When my parents leased me my first horse, it was a grey Arabian mare. She was beautiful, but in retrospect ditzy. Next my mom bought a bay Morgan gelding. He was an awsome horse and gave us years of happiness. Soon after his purchase, another grey Arabian moved to our barn, this time a gelding. Little did I realize that this scruffy, little Arab  would be my partner for 13 years. Barry, pictured above was a 13.3h ball of energy. We evented for years through ups and downs.
Circumstances again influenced our next horses. We moved the horses  to a private barn and had room to get more. So scanning ads, a grey horse (of course) popped out at me. I have to say again I am not a breed specific person. But this horse was again an Arab. The bigger draw was the small price tag. So Winston joined the group. Later the same year our friends sent us their horse, DaVinci. By chance a grey Arabian.
All these horses are smart and quick to learn, which kept our interest. Then we took a chance and bought a Perch/Tb cross bay mare. She is a completely different kind of horse, but in a good way.
Last year after losing Barry and the Morgan,Sherman, I took the biggest chance and purchased a 3yr old black Welsh Cob mare in foal. I had never heard of a Welsh Cob before our friend purchased one, but they seem very sane. Rosemary, the cob, blessed us with a chestnut colt this summer.
I am still amazed at the horses that have come to us, but they all fit our life and personality. I guess things happen for a reason.


  1. I have a real soft spot for grays. My first horse was a grey TB. I love all breeds and colors but I do have to say I love a chestnut with lots of chrome so your cob baby is JUST adorable! Love him!

    1. Thanks, Roscoe is the perfect first foal and our first chestnut. If I had to get a chestnut, at least he has that chrome. Now if he would get a flaxen mane and tail he would be perfect.