Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rainy Day Surprise

Today as we drove to the barn, we did not expect to do much of anything. Rain and thunderstorms were in the forecast. As we got closer to the barn the sun was shining, sort of, through the clouds and Mom decided to work Rosemary in harness a little bit so she would get some practice before tomorrow.
Of course the horses were dirty, muddy messes from the previous rain storms. Mom set to work grooming, Ha ha, Rosemary. I started to bring out the training PVC system and her harness. During all this DaVinci was walking the aisle and eating hay out of the wheelbarrow. I told him he would need to go to his stall. He looked at the harness and decided that he would go to his stall.
As I followed to put up his stall guard, I got an idea.
I put Rosemary's harness on DaVinci, muddy and wet. Then I decided what the heck the lunge line was out, I would just long line him until mom was ready.
Mom saw what I had done and decided to put Rosemary's driving bridle on him too. That adds a whole other level since it has the blinkers. 23 yrs young and he was sporting a harness for the first time.
Is he not cute or what?
And we were off. I started by lunging him so he could get used to the blinkers. A couple times he tried to turn in so he could see me, but overall he was good.

Then I connected the "reins" to his halter, which was under the driving bridle, and had my sister act as the side walker holding the lead line. DaVinci has long lined a fair amount in the past, but the driving harness puts the lines at a higher setting, withers vs belly. This was a first for me too.
If you read my last post you will remember I mentioned the connection I have with DaVinci. Well this showed his trust in me. He listened and understood I was not going to let anything get him while he had on the blinkers.
We were not the straightest pair, but he did so good.

Swishy tail

Nice head shot  against the barn. Ears listening to me :)

 Then I gave the reins to Mom. She has been working Rosemary, so she put the reins to his bit. He had no problem and went to work stretching and chewing.

oops one more of my turn
He was a Super Star. And after he was a satisfied, happy pony snoozing in his stall while we worked Rosemary. Five years ago when he arrived at 2am from CA, I never would have thought he could wear blinkers and work as well as he did today.
Happy boy

Stay tuned for tomorrow. Rosemary may be hooked to the cart and I will be armed with the camera.

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