Thursday, August 2, 2012

Cherry on Top

I love the Olympics, but the lack of sleep can really make things difficult. Work was particularly tough today dealing with a difficult audit. Eight hours of counting little pieces of silver Pandora jewelry, not fun.  Back at my desk I found that Mom had left a message saying that we would again bring Rosemary to Peggy's without the driving trainer.
So with the rumble of thunder in the background, we hooked up Rosemary. Peggy worked her in the arena for a little while. Then she slid over and had Mom take the reins. I was impressed with how Mom handled the drive. She walked and trotted, when Rosemary deigned to listen.
Mom and Peggy after their drive
Then much to my surprise, they asked if I wanted to try. I did, but I was scared. Peggy stayed with me and Rosemary was more likely to stop then move so that settled my nerves some. The carriage seat is on springs, so no seat aids like in a saddle, My hands were suppose to be as close together as I could get because eventually I should be able to drive one handed. Lots of details to keep track of.
Rosemary knew that I was not completely sure and she would not trot unless I was emphatic. I have to work on keeping track of the wheel positions, Peggy had to remind me not to get too close to the fence. Rosemary felt great and it was amazing to feel how smooth she is between the shafts. We looked a little "drunk," weaving a bit as I learned to handle the reins. This experience was certainly the cherry on top of my day.
my maiden drive

Holy Cow, I am driving

Peggy decided to let her finish with a drive on the road. I got to ride along and Rosemary moved on trotting down the road. She was glad to be out of the deep sand. At the corner, we made a right down a small hill. Rosemary trotted, handling the weight of the cart well. She slowed a few times questioning whether her answers were correct. Peggy slowed her in prep for me getting down, but a big, diesel truck came up from behind. She drove her down onto a grass area, and the truck passed. I hopped down to walk at her head. Rosemary really did not care about the truck or the hills. She seems to only care about the dark pavement, that is weird to her. Peggy trotted her up the hill and down the road back to the arena, halting at a couple points.
I love the experiences owning Rosemary has allowed us to have. The Cobs have won me over.

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