Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Wardrobe Malfunction

For Comrade not me.
Peggy purchased a dressage treeless saddle which I have been attempting to test. Attempting being the key word in that phrase.
The first ride we realized that we needed a much smaller dressage girth. The 26 in girth went all the way up on both sides and was still slightly loose. I don't know what size horse they expect to use this saddle, but they need to make girths specific to these saddles. Balance test anyone?
Next I cursed my short legs. The saddle came with those leathers that have no buckle and adjust from the bottom. Unfortunately the shortest setting was a hole longer then my normal dressage length. That ride I muddled through, but did not feel like I could get a good read.
The second ride Peggy was able to provide a 16 in girth, which still only left a couple holes on each side. This time I used normal leathers, only to find that there was no place to tuck the extra and the buckle would cause pressure under the thigh. So we moved the buckle to the bottom and let the extra hang. All good now... Right?
Not quite. Comrade was a little sticky, but I was able to go through all his gaits. Then as I was trotting along I felt a pop under my right leg and then my leg got longer. I looked down to see my stirrup leather fall to the ground. OOPS...
Peggy put it back on and off we went. BUT it happened again. After that I pulled off the left one too and rode a bit more without stirrups. Time for another plan.
The third ride we figured we had it all put together. Peggy bought another set of stirrups similar to the first. She spent half an hour poking new holes so they would be short enough for me. I hopped on and we had to adjust the length to play with where the metal piece landed. It ended up low, but as I rode I felt like a horse being ridden with spurs. The peg which locks the length was right under my calf. Just imagine engaging your leg and getting a jab. It just got worse as the leather settled. I had to call an end to extensive work or I would have been badly bruised even with half chaps. I decided to go out on trail a let him have some fun. I let him jump some jumps and move around the trail. He was frisky and I really wish I could have let him go, but then I felt a familiar pop under my right leg. Darn it!
Frisky pony and trick stirrups don't mix. Another lost ride.
He moves so well in the treeless saddles that working through the kinks is worth it, but man is it frustrating. The dressage treeless has the option of moving the stirrup bars. We are going to try to move them back, so they are more under me and similar to the how the Wintec Isabel is set up. If that does not work... who knows.
My next ride I am putting the Isabel on so I get do some work. Maybe we will put the widest gullet that comes with the Wintec Wide into the Isabel. Something has to work for Comrade and me.

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