Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Bit, Mother Approved

Yay for holiday weekends. For once Mom had the holiday Monday off, so I had her get on Comrade to see what she thinks about the bit.
One thing I noticed right off, Comrade was walking better. Trimmed toes made it easier for him to swing and follow through.
Another thing I noticed, Comrade did not seem to have that right side resistance.
Finally I noticed, Comrade was taking a softer, longer contact.

Mom took advantage of his softness, to get him reaching down. She would hold the inside rein until he chewed and stretched, then she would release as a reward. Eventually, Comrade carried himself with out leaning. Hello start of the funky circle in Training level.

She also worked him latterally. I only wish I could get him moving like she does. Comrade started grunting, these Cobs, but kept trying. His back lifted and he stepped under so nicely. Out of a shoulder in, she aked him to open his stride. At first he tried getting fast. Nope not happening. Next straight, he did it right lifting his shoulders and smoothing extending his stride. Such a difference.

Since she had him moving so well, I asked her to canter him. Now let me preface what happened with one statement: Mom was battling a horrible cold and was as she put it "only 70%." So saying, Comrade decided that even though he was perfectly set up to canter, he was not going to. Part of it was she wanted him to do it correctly and not run into the transition and he thought it was too hard. The other part is he did not feel she was ready for canter. I have seen him do this with Peggy before. No big deal, Mom just went back to some great trot work.

I asked what she thought of the bit. She said it was good. Comrade is at a point where the bit is not going to cause magic, but the bit does not do any damage either. So the bit stays.

We ended with me getting on and working him at the canter. Yep that boy cantered right on cue for me. He was primed and gave me the BEST transitions. That quality followed through into the actual gait which allowed me to ask for more, contact wise. What a thrill!

By the end he had foamy butt cheeks, sweaty flanks and shoulders and even a sweaty face. Comrade survived three days of tough work ending on a high point.


  1. Glad your mum likes the bit and he was working well! Glad that he cantered on Cue for you :)

  2. Yay that Comrade is liking the new bit. Good on you for getting him to canter.