Sunday, June 2, 2013

From Lumpy to Bumpy

What's the difference?

Well Comrade was previously lumpy with bad fat. You could literally see lumps where they should only be smooth muscle. Then Peggy started her "Laminitis Prevention" program and Comrade has lost weight and smoothed out that bad fat. The hay soaking and extra work has worked wonders.
The funny thing is as Comrade loses weight, Peggy's 25 yr old Anglo Arab is gaining. Soft, wet hay is easier for him to eat.
Mr. Lumpy is now much better looking

Now onto bumpy. Yesterday I purposely went to Peggy's later to avoid the heat. It ended up being even later than expected as we got watching "Chicken TV." Who would have thought chickens could be so entertaining? Put six chickens in one area and add a cicada, pure fun. Those girls went after that bug like it was the only food around. So finally, I made it over to Comrade. As I started grooming I noticed rough spots that looked like dirt, but turned out to be flaky skin. The closer I looked, I found hives. He was bumpy on his neck, belly, butt and even on his legs. Last year he had chronic hives, but they were only a small smattering on his shoulders. These are much bigger and more angry. I asked Peggy if she had gotten a new fly spray. She thought about it and realized that yes her husband had gotten a new spray. With the Shoo Tags, they do not use a lot of fly spray, but like us they do use some.
 And as a side note, the Midge Shoo Tag works great. At the show while Roscoe and other ponies were bothered by gnats, Comrade stood happily with Peggy wondering what all the fuss was about. Definitely worth $20.
I did a quick, quiet ride on Comrade. I mainly focused on opening and closing the trot while he kept a longer frame. He likes to get all bunched up. This ride he did really well lengthening his neck and staying soft. Comrade gave the right answers, so we quit. I worried about where the saddle and girth sat relative to the hives.
After the ride, Peggy hosed him off, then used a Tea Tree product to help with the itchiness. Poor Comrade was grooming me and making funny faces the whole time. I wish I had some Apis or Rhu Tox, which are two holistic treatments for hives. Time for a visit to Vitamin Shoppe. Today since thunderstorms threatened, he got the day off. Hopefully he will look better soon.
So Comrade is no longer lumpy, bad fat, but he is bumpy, hives.

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