Saturday, November 30, 2013

I Saw A Difference

*Last Day For Canter Mane and Tail Contest* Winner announced tomorrow :)

6 weeks ago, we noticed Comrade's back was uneven muscle wise. We used towels to help the saddle fit and focused his work to consistently address that area. Lateral, bending, voltes and hill work have really helped. Well today we again looked down his back and I saw a difference.
Still have some work to do, but the change is amazing. And yes he was totally dirty today. Plus he was wondering why I was standing up behind him. Recognizing a problem really is half the battle.

Now for a Rosemary eye update. It has been just over a year since we started her on the Chinese herbs. The sarcoid is still there, but it is vastly different.
Feb 2012 after removing the first sarcoid

Nov 2012 side view

Nov 2012 front view
And now:

Nov 2013, a big difference

Front view, only a little bump
I am so happy that positive changes are happening all around.


  1. Amazing changes! Just out of curiousity, what product do you use for sarcoids? My little guy that I rescued a few years back has one on his belly that comes and goes despite me spending a lot of money on expensive vet treatments. I would love to pass on an alternate option to his new owners.

    1. With Rosemary we use Max's Formula (chinese herb mix) and Mum powder prescribed by our holistic vet Joyce Harman. It is not cheap, at least $130 every 3 weeks, but it works.
      For our Morgan who had it on his flank, we used thuja occidentalis in a cream form. It took time but it did eventually cure that spot. It can be fed too using nasaids. This is a cheaper option if it works. Rosemary's did not respond to oral treatment and we could not use topical due to the area.
      Hope that helps.

  2. Wow Rosemary's eye is looking really good :)