Sunday, December 8, 2013

Day 4: "Jesus Take the Wheel"

Wow the roads were so bad today. Going to the barn I turned onto this side road out of habit and quickly realized the conditions were not good. Then as I looked for somewhere to turn around, I lost control on a slick spot. We swerved left, right, left. As I saw the side of the road loom close each swerve, I noticed the semi's headlights coming at me. Luckily he saw my problem and was able to stop far enough away. It was a "Jesus Take the Wheel" moment and somehow, someway I was able to regain control. I was still shaking when I made it to the barn almost 2 hours later. I much prefer doings serpentines on the back of a horse.

Onto the questions.
16. One thing you'd like to change about your horse
A lighter front end for Dottie, more Arabian  cheeks rather than quarterhorse for Winston since they cause teeth issues, no melanomas for DaVinci, no sarcoid for Rosemary and no white around the right eye for Roscoe.

17. Your horse's future
Further dressage and driving for Rosemary, my future event partner and stud extraordinaire for Roscoe (hopefully), healthy happy riding fun for Winston, Dottie and DaVinci.
Baby Roscoe

18. Your worst show ever
Hands down Welsh Spring Fling 2012 when Comrade and I had our horrible Ridden Cob. Then he came up lame and stayed that way for two weeks. Plus his breeder was watching, which made the nightmare even worse. But we redeemed ourselves this year.

19. Favorite horse show venue
I really enjoyed showing at Morningside Training Farm with Comrade. Spacious warm up area, awesome dressage ring and a big out door jump ring. Plus the option to play on the cross country field.
Morningside Training Farm map

20. Your show day routine
Get up before the crack of dawn, drive to the barn, load any items not loaded the night before. Then load the horse, stress out on the drive, dose my self with Rescue Remedy. Plan for about 20min of warm up. Mom and or Peggy will help ready my horse while I dress. Then it is show time. In hand shows require a lot of shower in a bottle and spot cleaning of multiple horses. Most shows it is a lot of hurry up and then waiting.


  1. I love how half of the things you'd like to change are just simply "better health". It really shows how much you love them!!

    1. Thanks Tracy. It was a great question and got me thinking. I decided that I did not really want to change attitude or conformation aspects (except the couple) because that is their quirks and who they are.

  2. loved reading your answers! (and lets see some photos of you showing at Morningside, it sounds divine!)

    1. Thanks! I don't have pictures, but my ring crew took video of my rides. Here is the post: It is an awesome facility.