Sunday, December 29, 2013

Wild Pony with Video

I made up for the rainy day today by riding twice yesterday. Dottie and I worked on her lifting and bending through her ribcage. I was aided by the spurs and a whip. Whip for forward and spurs for lateral and bend. Surprisingly she was moving well even after the extended break. We could not ride long since as the day warmed the ground got softer and deeper.  M rode Rosemary with us. She did a bit more while I helped fine tune their work. At one point I handed M the whip just to carry. A lot of horses only need to see a whip, to move better. M put herself together, set up Rosemary for a canter depart and was surprised by the response she got. The "Whoa" I heard told me the whip really got Rosemary moving. I just laughed.
Then I went to ride Comrade. Peggy told me she rode him Friday and  even jumped over the little "x's" still set from the gymnastic. So I expected him to be a bit calmer. Oh yeah joke was on me. He was in a total "F you" kind of mood. Good thing is a Cob in that mood means lots of energy but nothing really bad. We definitely had some rough moments, but we did end well. By that time though it was too dark for video. The video shows most of the bad times and some of the nice times. I debated whether to share it, but decided these rides are as important as the super ones. It still shows how well he is moving now. At one point I put him through the gymnastic front portion and his stride has changed so much since it was set, he took it as a very long bounce. The next time through, he bailed. So I broke it down. That is on the video.
Some good things, an awesome lead change right to left and a true rein back. I really wish I could have ridden today because I think he would have been in the right place after burning all that energy.
Here it is, the good bad and ugly :)


  1. Very cool, he is looking really good! Connor has energetic days like that too, I usually just get up off his back and let him canter around for a while before asking for a million transitions. It's not like he's going to do anything squirrely, you know? They are so similar!

    1. Thanks Jen, I have used the "let him move"method before too. With his back, I have to get him working or the saddle starts slipping. This time the dogs kept getting in the way :/