Tuesday, May 20, 2014

First This, Then That

This weekend was a prime example of planning one thing and doing something completely different. Saturday Mom got the day off so that we could take Roscoe to the Welsh Spring Fling. As I said previously, that got changed since Roscoe is not at a breeding class weight. So then we planned to go to a Hunter Pace that same day with Peggy. Perfect!
Well, that whole mess with my brother happened depressing us all and it rained like crazy. They were talking about inches of rain it was so bad. The day of the Hunter Pace was great weather, but no way could we go when the footing would be questionable. Plus, Peggy's trailer was basically stuck until the ground dried. Turns out the show grounds were in bad shape too. We definitely dodged a tough day by missing the show.
Fresh cut fields and cute ponies at sunset

So instead of fun riding stuff, we did barn chores. Mom mowed our fields, trying to stay ahead of buttercups. As she went round and round, I trimmed off all the toe that lovely grass gave to the 3 barefoot ponies. We did plan to work Roscoe, but mowing 6 acres with a large ride on took a very long time. I ended up being able to clean the sacrifice area, check water troughs and do night chores all during the time she was out. It was worth it to see the fields short. Especially since our favorite Appy owner has a hay field because she has to wait until the farm manager can get to it. I know, I'm evil, but she put herself in that position. All her crap has also pushed me to raise my fee for trimming her horse's feet. It was well over due.

Anyway I finally managed to get on a horse Sunday. Comrade was really good, better than my last ride. He is showing a need for another chiro visit though. Last time I could not get him to soften to the right at all, but this week he did. The biggest indication is that he was sticky with his right lead and he was not using his head within the gait. Knowing this, I am glad we did not show. It could have been a repeat some of our earlier shows. Ugh, cringe. Hopefully Peggy will get him a visit soon and we will get him back on track. I was happy to see that when Peggy got on after me, he maintained a great frame and carried her over some small fences. He is an amazing reader of people and takes such good care of his owner.
The grass eaters snooze while Winston eats all the hay

At  my barn, I did all the normal stuff. Then once I had the horses out, I worked on cleaning my car. It goes in for the damage estimate on Saturday, so I am doing all that I can to ensure it won't get totaled. Do you know how hard it is to get Corgi hair out of the seats? Of course the dogs did not help by jumping in and sleeping on the seats as I worked. Fingers crossed the estimate goes well.
I planned to leave by 6pm but the day was so nice I figured I would ask DaVinci if he wanted to work. He did and he took me for a stroll around the fields. Exactly the way to end the day.
DaVinci rocking the double mane look

Awesome pony on a long rein while I play with the camera
And if you missed it on Cob Jockey's post, Roscoe gained a new Uncle/Cousin. His breeder's mare had an awesome chestnut Colt on Saturday. Roscoe is related through his sire's lines.
Ffafr (Favor) photo by Castleberry Welsh Cobs

He reminds me of Roscoe. Except he does not have the "V" mark on his belly. We always said that marked him as ours when he was born. This boy is very nice and will make a great future herd sire.

Roscoe at an older age then Ffafr, but so similar
And that was my weekend. Now I have started looking at shows and trying to plan. Up next, I think will be the Eastern Regional Welsh Show. I can't afford all the stall fees, but if we get up early we can do the one day breeding, low hunter and ridden cob falls on. Plus, there might actually be competition that will allow Roscoe and Comrade to get their full points. The Welsh point system is the worst especially since single entries get lower points. Oh well, what can you do. More later...

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