Friday, December 19, 2014

Rocky Solution

Sometimes we have simple needs and when we get them fulfilled it brings so much joy. With all the expense of integrating our horses into Peggy's barn, we did not plan to do gifts. So, of course, I had to get a gift for Peggy anyway. She mentioned that she wanted a muck bucket cart since that is what we use a lot to pick pens. I found a deal during Cyber Week and got her one. I wish I had pictures of when she received her "not" Christmas gift. She strutted down the aisle pulling it along like she was walking a cat walk. Totally worth the $30 I spent.
Well with all the rain we have had, the ground is saturated and slippery. Mom told Dad she just wanted rocks for Christmas. Dad has not been able to get it for her yet, but Peggy jumped the idea. She asked her guy that does her "dirt" work his opinion and what was available. We knew we wanted pea gravel (river rock) for the new run in shed. He said that there is a small sharp gravel that should be okay with the horses to use in the gate areas. Peggy said to go ahead and bring a load and dump it in a pile to be distributed when it was drier.
Yesterday Peggy and Larry went off shopping. Soon after a truck pulls up and it is the guy. He said the truck was coming to dump. No problem. Well later Mom looked out to see the dump truck going into the paddock. Winston said "WaHoo, a reason to run around like a demented Arabian!!!" Luckily none of them ran out the gate. The truck dumped the rock by the gate. Then went to move out and cue the spinning tires. "OH BOY, not good" The guy brought his truck in to pull the dump truck and we had two trucks spinning the tire. I looked at Mom and said "Why don't they use the gravel they just dumped?" Seemed like an obvious thing to do.
Stuck Truck, gravel pile and the non demented arab

They did eventually use the gravel and get moving. All good right? Nope they got stuck again trying to make the turn for the outer gate. This time they got out faster. I think they will be less quick to dump in the field again until it dries out some. Larry happily got on his tractor and smoothed out the gate area before spreading the gravel. He started on the next gate today. That will be so much better than having a mucky gate area. I took the muck bucket cart over to the pile and got a load to put around the water pump. Ah simple pleasures. Our rocky solution will be a lasting gift and will make life easier for us all.
Now I just need to mail my Blogger gift and wrap a few more presents and I will be set for the season. Next month starts my crazy schedule of inventories at work, so I will enjoy this bit of normal.


  1. Yay!!! We just spread gravel too and it makes life so much easier. Unfortunately we didn't get to the gates, but the run in shed was the most important part so that's okay. Congrats on your rocky solution. I love it!

  2. What a wonderful gift! I wants rocks for Christmas!