Thursday, February 5, 2015

Moon Craziness

We can always tell when a full moon is coming by seeing the crazy acts start happening. Winston gets hungry and cranky. Rosemary gets frisky and Dottie gets a lighter step. The Red boys play rougher, hence the new bites on Roscoe. DaVinci gets hyper aware. It can even make people have some craziness too.
Love seeing the horses all together, just missing the red boys for obvious reasons. Sonny is deciding which grey boy to push around. The girls push him around and the grey boys push the girls around. No one reigns supreme here.
5 out of 7 making a great herd
I rode Roscoe in the time approaching a full moon. He was a bit distracted, so I decided to to throw something new at him. I did say people can be crazy to :) Roscoe was introduced to my little friends, right spur and left spur. The spursuaders were in the car, so I just used the inch nub ones already in the barn. I still carried the whip as my gas pedal. Roscoe did not react badly to the spurs. I engaged them to get him to bend. It was very cool to apply the spurs and have him immediately give me a correct bend through his body. He seemed surprised his body reacted that way. It seriously helped to focus him. When he showed he would not overreact, I used the spurs to get him to step under on a small circle. That exercise moved from the arena to the trail where I circled him around trees. Roscoe learned to not worry about what Comrade was doing and to just focus on what I was asking. I love having a new tool to help grow his skills and our partnership.

A few days later with a full moon shining, I walked into the barn to find a stall full of horses. Larry had given Sonny his candy hay and dinner and left the door open to the girls and grey boys. He told me Rosemary had gone into the stall. When I looked, not only was Rosemary there but Dottie and Winston's front half too. The girls had chased out Sonny. Then Winston pushed the girls back to get to the candy hay. I had to chase them all out and get Sonny back in. Not easy at all. Once I did that, I decided to ride Rosemary. I bundled up and put her quarter sheet on. Unfortunately, we found that the arena was way too hard. I walked around, but there was no hope.
My intrepid steed
Determined to ride after a rough work day, I pointed Rosemary towards the woods. The moon was so bright, the trail was pretty well lit. Rosemary was awesome and just marched along. She did look sideways at the barrel jump, but had no extreme reaction. It was a crazy idea that turned out to be one of the most enjoyable rides I have had. If you ever have a safe chance to ride by moon light, do it.

Last night Rosemary fell victim to Winston's jaws. He gets aggressive when hungry and the moon make him ravenous. Mom came in to find a huge hole down to the fur in Rosemary's 100gr blanket. The one blanket I can't find a replacement for, figures. This is a few weeks after he ripped a massive tear in same blanket of DaVinci's. I swear the next full moon I am putting a muzzle on him to protect blankets. We had to order liners to use under sheets to replace the damaged blankets. Luckily Schneider's has them on sale.

I hope the moon craziness is over for this time and will go better next. Anyone else notice changes in their equines in the light of a full moon?

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  1. trail riding by moonlight!?! sounds both magical and like something i might never try haha (at least, not alone lol)