Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cold, Crunchy Video Attempt

The last three years I have placed an ad on various Stallion pages. Roscoe has received some interest over the years, but his lack of offspring and unknown name meant the interest did not go far. So this year I have not done much advertising. Someone did ask if he has any get and a video. That would be a no and a no.
Well since I actually got two days off in a row and Mom had one of those days off too, we attempted to video Roscoe. The temperature was in the twenties causing the ground to be a little crunchy. Roscoe was a wild child, but cautious due to the ground. Then he was distracted by Peggy.
The footage was not good enough for mare owners, but since we froze our butts off, I still put together a video. PS Roscoe kept coming towards me wondering why I was not playing with him like I normally do when he is at liberty.
Hopefully it is warmer when we try again.


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  2. ha he looks feisty! just curious, and not sure this was intentional or not, but in much of the video the camera is focused on his legs with his head out of frame (even sometimes when there would have been room to fit his whole body) - is there a reason, or was that just a side effect of the wild child ?

    1. Nope not intentional, just a side effect of the wild child. Plus I was using my big camera, so I am not as steady. I was surprised I even caught that much on camera.

    2. ha ok i wasn't sure if that was like part of the style guide for breeding videos or something. he looks great regardless ;)