Friday, February 3, 2017

At Least My Pony Looks Good

I am suffering a severe inventory hangover which means I am mentally exhausted. Thankfully, my Mom and Peggy stepped up and got Roscoe and my tack ready for this weekend. So I may not be at the top of my game but at least my pony looks good.
Mom's hard work

Wednesday Mom trimmed Roscoe's winter woolies away and finished pulling his mane. She also got a layer of dust off with the vacuum.  Plus she washed my wraps, pad and girth. Then that night she cleaned my tack. I had it on the schedule, but she got it done sooner.

Ember with the big boys

Thursday night Peggy de-haired my pad and wraps so they look good as new. While she did that I informed Ember he would spend the night out with the Red Boys. Comrade will need a buddy while Roscoe is gone. He handled his first night out just fine.

And today, I finally had a day off. Which means we got the trailer hooked and loaded early on. Roscoe got vacuumed again, his poofy tail brushed and some of his stockings spot cleaned. He also got to try on his brand new leather halter. Big D had a sale which included a free name plate so I got him one. Thank you to both my grandmoms for the Christmas money used to buy the halter. The plate is a first for me, but Roscoe has to have a leather halter and we can't use his breeding one. Separation is key to keep him straight.

Since he will be spending the day and night in a stall, we dug out our Baker blanket for him to wear. His normal lightweight is so dirty we were glad to use the non waterproof option. He will have to wear his dirty midweight though.

It will be an early morning, so off I go to rest. I will post pictures as soon as I can :)


  1. He looks great! What a great team you have with your mom and Peggy. Have a wonderful clinic. I look forward to your report and pictures.

  2. Pony looks gorgeous! Have fun :)

  3. Oooh that halter looks great on him! I hope you have a blast!!!

  4. Love the halter, looks very sharp :)