Saturday, August 29, 2015

Comp Time and Peanut Rolling

This week has been one full of earned Comp Time and because of that, little riding. With my promotion at work, I moved from earning overtime to earning comp time to be used later. My office is short handed and we could end up working up to 5 extra hours a week. I definitely hit 5 this week.

Needless to say, I had horses that needed work. Roscoe especially. One day I could have ridden, but I was feeling sluggish. So we went for a walk in the woods and I had Roscoe jump over some of the trees and barrels. I tried to get pictures, but it was a total failure.

Today I decided to actually ride Roscoe. Well he thought it was too hot to work and he would rather eat his hay bag. He did finally come into the barn with me and get tacked up. Roscoe even picked up the bit on his own. I figured he was ready to work.

In the arena Roscoe decided to act spooky at some differences, so we had to work through that. Then we moved on to just trotting around. He had his normal big trot for a few laps. Then for some reason he figured it was time to roll some peanuts and western jog. His head was so low I worried he would drop and roll. Of course this was the ride I grabbed the fly swisher, dang big horse flies, instead of a whip. So we jogged along and I just kept him going. I did have to flip the swisher around to swat him with the wrist band. Plus while he had his head down, he was not wanting to get off my left leg. Next time I think I need to put the spurs on to encourage him to bend through his middle.

4 years ago DaVinci and 2month old Roscoe
This pony constantly keeps me on my toes. Who knows where he got the idea to roll peanuts. He has never put his head so low under saddle before. Now I have to see if I can lift him up a little so he can get his big trot back. The only other horse that I have ridden who did this is DaVinci. Maybe he learned it from him.

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