Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Finally, Maggie's Foal Arrived

 After an extended wait, Saturday Maggie had a big Colt just before dinner.

 Meet Duncan!

I waited to post because I could not tell from the pictures what his leg marking are.

And I still don't, so since he has four white feet everyone who guessed white on legs got points. I think he has at least 3 stockings. He is super light though.

Congrats to Liz! Email me at and I will send your RW or other stores gift card.

Duncan made the news too click here

Wednesday, April 12, 2023


 After a week of warm, wet weather the day  before the show was cold and dreary. Luckily my mom had already cleaned Roscoe's mane and legs while it was warm. So Friday I only had to rinse off the dust and braid him. Roscoe had definite opinions.

Saturday started at 4am and I was totally stressed. Mom dealt with me and Roscoe getting both where we needed to be. Roscoe has matured so much since last year in the warm up. He and I are both still tense, but hopefully that will improve as we keep showing.

My first class was 2-2, a class of five and I was the second rider. The first rider was sadly eliminated three movements before the end of her test. Not easy to follow, but a bit of relief that I should be able to get a placing we need.

This was our first time riding the test at a rated show. Roscoe did super. We have plenty to work on, but it really was a solid test. He got a bit excited during the second lengthening and broke into canter. My friend who also showed, stayed around to watch. All the riding pictures are compliments of her husband.

Beware it was windy, so the video is wobbly. 

After that class we had a little time.

My chill pony in between classes

 I really wanted to be done. Roscoe was ready to go. This was a class of nine so I did not think I had any chance to get the placing we needed. Unfortunately our test was going pretty well, despite tension, when I got lost and ended up going to the wrong letter. Then I mixed up the previous version of 2-1 with the current one and walked when I should have kept trotting. That mistake will haunt me for the rest of my life.

I told myself I was not looking at the scores until we had taken care of Roscoe. We set about giving him lunch and pulling out his braids. I pulled my phone out to take a picture of his post braid hair do and saw a message from my trainer. "Congratulations" I figured we had gotten third. She came back with 1st. I was amazed. 

I looked at the results and saw that I had won the 2-2. 2-1 I had lost a tie for third, and again got fourth. I think I am doomed to that dang white ribbon.

The show was a success, we got one of the five placings needed for Roscoe's performance requirements and I have both scores needed for the Bronze. We are on our way. Plus Roscoe was the only pony at this level.

No babies yet, though Maggie looks ready to pop.