Friday, July 2, 2021

Foal Friday: Fancy Filly

 Well the breeder finally got some great shots of Ragtime and Gypsy as they took a turn around the round pen the other day. She has got the longest legs and she is showing them off. I can't even say how excited I am with this cross. Roscoe has been extremely lucky to be utilized by three great US Cob breeders now, Castleberry, Aderyn Du and now MHS. He has delivered every time with superior foals. 

Ragtime reminds me of Ember in movement and I can't wait to see her develop.

All pictures from MHS Welsh Cobs.

Girl has moves

Totally a Roscoe Look

Thursday, July 1, 2021

Product Review: Prolite Dressage Relief Pad

 After riding in the wrong saddle for so long, Roscoe developed hard nodules on either side of his spine. When we got the new saddle, he still showed some back soreness from the pressure on those nodules. I began putting the sheepskin lined pad on him and that helped, but I decided to bite the bullet and get a pressure pad. Going into Second level with all the sitting trot, I want him comfortable.

Advanced Saddle fit had the Prolite Dressage Relief Pad and it seemed to fit the bill.

I was lucky enough to find it at The Cheshire Horse during a sale and got it for $99.

Roscoe's back was much happier and did not show soreness after work. And bonus, his nodules are nearly gone. The pad has relieved my mind as I develop my sitting trot skills. So not ready to sit his lengthening.

The best surprise was that I put the pad on Ember. He is still in the Isabel and I know he has the same issues that Roscoe did, plus some due to being an awkward growing cob. He is quick to balk under saddle. With this pad, for three rides, he has not balked once. That is a serious benefit and makes this pad totally worth the price. Ember is like a different horse.

The pad stays  in place and stays up in the gullet. It only comes in black, but seems pretty nondescript on the horse. I highly recommend.

Prolite also has a fixed riser, multi riser and pocket version available.

Friday, June 25, 2021

Foal Friday

 It just happens to be KML Maximus (Formerly Mischief Managed) 1st Birthday.  He has been sold to an eventer in Georgia who plans to keep him intact. She also owns and events a Cardi grandson. Definitely will be exciting to see him develop. 

And Ragtime is figuring out life outside the womb, but she is not into pictures. The breeder said "she is lovely, but I can't get a good picture. "

She posted a cute video the day she was born.

She just sent some updated pictures. 

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

The Wait is Over, Finally a Foal

 Thank you anyone who is able to donate to DaVinci's treatment. Mom was able to find the $925 medicine online for a significantly cheaper price, so that helps. My Magna Wave practitioner is figuring out the best practice for his treatment. Hopefully we will see a difference soon!

Ok so Gypsy Jazz has put her owners through so many false labors, they began to worry. Finally this morning around 2am central the breeder woke to find a foal in the stall. And after three years, Roscoe has another FILLY. I am so happy about that. 

Gypsy's face says it all

So here is Ragtime Reflection, a chestnut filly, with a blaze and four stockings.

Everyone was agreed about the color and there was an even split about the gender. The winning factor this year was the birth date. Lauren of She Moved to Texas guessed the exact day, gender, color and facial marking. Congratulations! Send me an email at to let me know where you would like your $25 gift card to come from and if you have any specific request for your cross stitch.

Next year could be a big foal pool if all the mares actually get pregnant. Tomorrow we collect to see if Gypsy's mom will catch this time. We are waiting to hear about one mare already bred and we have three, at least, waiting to breed. Two are just not progressing. It has been quite the breeding season.

Monday, June 21, 2021

Surprising Diagnosis, Please Help

 Last Friday we had the vet come and check out Ember, who conked his head, and DaVinci for all his issues. The vet pretty much thought DaVinci's neurologic symptoms and facial paralysis was caused by melanomas on the brain stem and further down his neck. But to cover the bases he took bloodwork.

Today he called to say DaVinci has EPM. On one hand we are glad it is treatable, on the other we are in a position that the money is tough. The gold standard treatment is $1600 for four tubes. The next step down is $925 for an oral med for 30 days. 

After my dad's heart attack, Griffyn's attack and all my health issues this is hard. So if anyone is willing to donate to DaVinci's treatment, we would be extremely grateful. We really want to give him a chance to recover which is why I am even asking.

With help we can get Magna Wave to help with any inflammation caused by fighting off the bugs, which may need additional meds too.

 Please send via Paypal friends and family NVasil