Sunday, February 14, 2021

End of an Era

 Last years foal pool was great since the grand prize winner was a surprise and a repeat winner. My sister and I had to up our game to come up with a picture to beat her previous one. If you know Teresa, you know she has a really pretty mare. Carmen became the focus of this project. This was bigger than we have done before and my sister had to help in order to finish before the next foal pool.

Then the wait began as it was shipped to Canada. I mailed it on January 13th and it finally arrived February 9th. It looks better in person. My sister added sparkle to the browband gem and the border has a shimmer to it.

This year Roscoe has one foal expected, so get your guesses ready. A new mare means new possibilities.

This was bittersweet since Tawe passed away in January. She was the first mare outside Roscoe's breeders herd to have his foal. And she had three more over the next years. Tawe and Roscoe produced top quality and consistent cobs. It is truly the end of an era. She had a number of foals during her 20+ years and will live on in them all. Such a wonderful mare.

Tawe and Carousel

Tawe and Draco, together again RIP

Tawe and Turbo

Tawe and her last foal Flyboy

Sunday, January 31, 2021

Snow Day

 We had our first snow of the year and luckily it was just enough to cover the ground but not be too overwhelming. The drive was a bit hairy on one road that was not plowed. The ponies acted like they were starving, but we knew that Larry had given then breakfast. 

The weather was going to rain and cause ice in the afternoon so we had to leave early. I was determined to ride. Snow rides are the best. I even convinced Mom to bring Comrade for a ride too. 

Roscoe and Karrigan at our Jan. lesson
Roscoe is a serious footing snob. It takes a bit to get him to figure out he can actually work no matter the footing. He really feels insulted he has to make the effort. Today we were able to W/T/C. At the canter I dropped the contact and made him carry himself. Mom said she could see him step better behind. He is starting to figure out how to be a mature dressage pony. This was inventory month, but Roscoe and I had 14 work sessions. That would be .... 13 more than last year. 

Comrade was a willing participant, but kept it very conservative. I was just glad my Mom chose to ride.

Ember and I had a ride yesterday when I used a couple hours of leave. Mom lunged him for me since I have not riden him in over a week. He was tentative due the arena beginning to become crunchy. When I got on he was much improved right from the first step. As in he walked forward from the mounting block. Ember has been a bit of a teenager and gets stuck, so forward has been a work in progress. We have been doing lots of transitions and teaching him how to be a riding pony. Today he just did some lunging in the snow. We worked on traveling straighter. He is so smart and did it well after me showing him on one side.

Just a little round when he lifts

And finally the corgis had a blast in the snow. Deliah wore herself out chasing Griffyn. Four inches of snow was just enough for short corgi legs.

Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Roscoe and I are Inadvertant Liars

 Sadly we lost our trainer again to a move to Texas. But she helped Roscoe and I figure out leg yields and get us into First level. So I had to pick another trainer from those at Sprieser. I chose the newest trainer which turned out to be a good choice since the other trainer left soon after. 

I braced myself to see if this trainer could handle my low budget needs, recovering muscles and lack of skills. With all the shows a lot of the lessons focused on prepping for the tests. She was interested in how we did. Plus I texted to say he felt tired at the show after a lesson the same week and she immediately said she would think of how to up his fitness. It really felt great to have someone invested in our training.

In November we started digging into his movement and teaching him to half halt and sit. It was seriously rough going. I was getting to the point of wondering, Is it me or is it him? I finally asked Karrigan if she would get on him and see where he is at. If we are going to move up, we need the insight. She said yes and we planned it for the next lesson. 

I rode for the first 10min and then she got on. Roscoe is always a bit up when we first get into the indoor.

Me and Roscoe part 1

Me and Roscoe part 2

 We had to stop at put a half pad on him, since his saddle had gone too low. As she rode she was like "Wow he has no outside rein," " Wow you two are good liars," "He is really fun to ride." Roscoe and I certainly did not try to hide anything, but I guess we were indavertant liars. 

Karrigan riding Click the left arrow to go through the videos of her riding. I had to chop them up to send them from mom's phone.

The take aways:

He needs to be lower in the base of his neck. I have to work on lowering the 6in in front of the withers.

He needs to be truer in the contact. He will put on a pretty frame, but he avoids the bit.

I have to sit into him at the canter and he has to learn to keep moving.

She can get him to do lateral work no problem. Definitely me holding that up.

She gets along with Roscoe, so I don't have to cringe when she rides.

Roscoe and I worked our butts off on the canter and the truer contact in the time since that ride. I feel like I am learning to canter all over again.

Luckily at our lesson this month Karrigan saw a difference. Good thing too since Comrade decided the friesan having a lesson prior to ours was going to eat him and proceeded to spook, blow air and prance around making everyone tense. Ah well hopefully we can keep the progress going during the winter.

Friday, December 18, 2020


 October brought the last two shows for our local series. For these I added First 2, with the hope that the first test would get him settled. 

As with previous shows Roscoe got a bath the night before. An though he normally gets over it, I put the hated fly boots on his hind legs to protect his white. Well this time he decided to be a total tool about those boots. Long story short we prevailed in removing them, but there were injuries on all parties. NEVER AGAIN!

Needless to say I worried how the show would go. Super it turns out. I think Roscoe was really ashamed of his morning antics and wanted to be good. We still have plenty to improve. This was our best First 1.

The second test was nerve-wracking for me because of the leg yields. First time they were judged and my pony did well. We lost some angle going right because I felt like I would hit the rail too soon. To the left we had the angle but lost some forward.  After those I could breathe and deal with the canter. We had a great final halt and I gave Roscoe a big hug. The judge said he earned it.

I don't want to have stressful, injury filled show mornings to get scores in the seventies but redemption felt good.

The second show was less successful in scores but he listened to half halts. That was something we worked on the lesson prior to the show. Roscoe was a bit tired too, both caused a break in the canter. I gave points away to keep him moving.  This was a tough judge so our two 65 were okay with me. Now Roscoe and I are trying to better our fitness and improve our canter. It feels like we are learning to canter all over again. 

Well even with a short season and a new level to challenge him, Roscoe pulled off earning the First Level champion. Our journey is slowly progressing, the pony is happy and I'm healthier. What more can you ask of a year like 2020.

Roscoe says "take this 2020!"

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Third Times The Charm...Or Not

 Roscoe and I have completed two more First 1 tests after the June show. I have been working on the Foal pool prize so that is why I am so behind on my posts.

 The August show I was actually feeling good, had ridden my horse prior and taken a lesson. On show day it was hot. I thought I had the right amount of warm up. Then in the ring, pony boy seemed lazy. We actually broke rhythm twice. Plus a year off has caused me to lose my comfort in the ring. My spacial sense was off. We managed a 64%.

For September I was determined to fix myself and hopefully do better. I asked to have my lesson in the outdoor dressage ring so I could start to gain my comfort back. We also put Rosemary's saddle with a bigger tree I on Roscoe. The lesson went well even though I am late most of the time on my requests to him. 

I was feeling good about the show. Roscoe was his typical idiot self the morning of, but we arrived only a little late. I planned a short warm up which was bad. Cool weather brought out the goblins. Roscoe acted like he had never been off the property. And hey, he is fitter so he can be stupid for a longer period. 

As in, the whole test. He did not settle in as he normally does. And of course we rode in front of the judge who gave us the 68% in June. She knows we can do better and we ended up with a 62%. Somehow we got third in our group, fourth out of the seven first 1 tests. Not going to lie, it hurt. 

So time to make shows boring again for both of us. I have two shows this month and will attempt two tests at each. My trainer wants me to do recognized shows next year to work towards getting the 2nd level scores Roscoe needs to be approved. Can't even believe that is now a possibility. 

Sunday, August 9, 2020

Catch Stallion

A big part of the equestrian world is chance. Taking a chance, getting a chance and giving a chance. So I try to give Roscoe all the chances he can get.  Many riders have gotten their start as catch riders, filling in when there is a need. Roscoe is a catch stallion. He is not normally the first choice. I am not a breeder and don't have my own farm, so he does not immediately come to mind when people are looking for stallions. He and I work with recommendations from other breeders.
When they cannot help with a mare owner's needs they send them my way. I do everything I can to be accommodating. Most have already tried another stallion or the stallion they had in mind backed out. So I work with our collection center to pull off same day collections and last minute visits. I provide all the information about Roscoe I can. It helps that he provides quality semen at the upper end of normal and that I can honestly say he has received no negative reviews. Even the three mares that did not get pregnant did not blame him.

These breedings always have a chance to promote repeats and are worth the effort. Tawe is a prime example. Her first breeding was because the prior stallion was not available and Roscoe filled in. Ever since, she has been bred to Roscoe and produced quality foals.
I am really excited this year since a breeder who produces quality Cobs has used Roscoe for two of her mares. One was a last minute addition and after two breedings she is pregnant. Her dam was the other mare, but she did not settle. The other mare bred this year did not settle either. I felt bad for her owner. They spent a ton of money trying to get her pregnant. This is the second time she did not with Roscoe as she was bred once before with a different owner and the breeding transferred to the new owner. Surprisingly, she wants to try again in the spring. 
Next year could be busy for Roscoe with two rebreeds and a number of breedings people have not used yet. But at least there will be one Roscoe foal next year.

And here is Tawe's 2020 colt, Aderyn Du Flyboy. He is a super friendly boy.

Saturday, July 18, 2020

In Her Own Time, Tawe's New Colt

On the 14th Tawe's milk pH showed she was not ready to foal. Some people even said she probably had a week.

Well instead at about 330am , Tawe's preferred time, on the 16th she decided it was time. Her breeder missed the birth. I checked my phone as soon as I woke up, but no message. As I was leaving the house Mom said there was a notification on Facebook about the birth.

Tawe has a new colt! He is black with a star and stripe and snip,  two front socks and two rear stockings. Is he not a cute boy?

This was another close foal pool. The winner is Liz! Send me an email at so I can send your RW gift card.

And the damn close RW gift card goes to Teresa who was only a day off.

The grand prize cross stitch goes to Teresa! She scored 39 points between the two pools to take the overall win. Let me know if your email is still the same.

Here is Chanel's Colt, KML Mischief Managed, Manny

Fingers crossed that some recent breedings result in some pregnancies and we will have another pool next year.