Wednesday, March 27, 2024

2024 Foal Pool, Sorry so late

 Whew, time just flies sometimes. I feel like I have been sick on and off most of the winter.

Roscoe bred five mares and I know of three confirmed.

So here is the line up:

Bred 5/11/23 Fairy Gold aka Pixie (Welsh/WB)

Bred 5/18/23 Ashland Ginger Rose (Welsh Cob)

Bred 6/22/23 Maggie (Belgium/Arab) A chance for a Duncan 2.0

Duncan, finally showing his chrome

The basic's:

Guess the birth date
Guess the gender

Extra points for guessing chrome:

Coat Color 

Winner of each will get a $25 RW or store of choice gift card.

Overall Grand prize winner (points combined) will get the personalized cross stitch.

Wednesday, December 20, 2023

Down The Cross Stitch Hole

 So, I have spent all my free time working on the Foal Pool Prize cross stitch. That's why I have not posted. It took longer since my sister accidently cut the fabric too small and I had to start all over once I discovered it when it was halfway done.

This was a fun one to put together. Liz has a ton of photos to choose from.

These were the ones that make up the final picture

And the final product

And my sister's framing to finish it up

Luckily Liz enjoyed the picture, which is always the goal. I always hope I do people's horses justice.

Thanks everyone for participating in the Foal Pool. Roscoe has 3 expected next year, so we will do another one.

Monday, May 29, 2023

Final 2023 Foal is a Filly!

 And of course just after I posted the last foal results, the last edition arrived early. For the first time ever Roscoe has two fillies in one year.

Meet Juliet's (Remember When) filly, SFW Pardon My Ffrench (Kahmee)

In a twist Kahmee has two socks and one stocking. Maybe a coronet, but I have not been able to see clearly. She also has a star, stripe, snip. Her owner is thrilled with all the traits Roscoe passed down. Kahmee keeps her mom running now that she has figured out those long legs.

Congrats to Liz! She has won this foal pool and the overall prize. Let me know if you have a specific picture(s) for your cross stitch or if you want me to put together something.

Thanks for participating this year everyone! We have one confirmed pregnancy so far for 2024.

Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Its a Girl and Its a Boy!

 Two new foals within four days. It took awhile for me to get pictures of the new filly, so that is why I waited to post. Plus I had a horse show hang over. More on that at a later time.

So 5/14 Tegan Rhosyn had a beautiful bay Filly. Finally a bay! She has two socks and a little chin spot. 

She is already showing off her moves.

Meet Tegan Rhiannon

Then on 5/18 Lady had a chestnut Colt. He takes after his dad with four stockings and a blaze.

Meet Puca, registered name TBD.

For the foal pools, we have two winners. Alanna for Rhosyn and Liz for Lady Congrats. I have your emails as long as they have not changed. Let me know if Riding Warehouse is your choice of gift card.

And now we wait for Juliet, our final mare. Hopefully she won't make us wait like the other girls.

Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Finally, Maggie's Foal Arrived

 After an extended wait, Saturday Maggie had a big Colt just before dinner.

 Meet Duncan!

I waited to post because I could not tell from the pictures what his leg marking are.

And I still don't, so since he has four white feet everyone who guessed white on legs got points. I think he has at least 3 stockings. He is super light though.

Congrats to Liz! Email me at and I will send your RW or other stores gift card.

Duncan made the news too click here

Wednesday, April 12, 2023


 After a week of warm, wet weather the day  before the show was cold and dreary. Luckily my mom had already cleaned Roscoe's mane and legs while it was warm. So Friday I only had to rinse off the dust and braid him. Roscoe had definite opinions.

Saturday started at 4am and I was totally stressed. Mom dealt with me and Roscoe getting both where we needed to be. Roscoe has matured so much since last year in the warm up. He and I are both still tense, but hopefully that will improve as we keep showing.

My first class was 2-2, a class of five and I was the second rider. The first rider was sadly eliminated three movements before the end of her test. Not easy to follow, but a bit of relief that I should be able to get a placing we need.

This was our first time riding the test at a rated show. Roscoe did super. We have plenty to work on, but it really was a solid test. He got a bit excited during the second lengthening and broke into canter. My friend who also showed, stayed around to watch. All the riding pictures are compliments of her husband.

Beware it was windy, so the video is wobbly. 

After that class we had a little time.

My chill pony in between classes

 I really wanted to be done. Roscoe was ready to go. This was a class of nine so I did not think I had any chance to get the placing we needed. Unfortunately our test was going pretty well, despite tension, when I got lost and ended up going to the wrong letter. Then I mixed up the previous version of 2-1 with the current one and walked when I should have kept trotting. That mistake will haunt me for the rest of my life.

I told myself I was not looking at the scores until we had taken care of Roscoe. We set about giving him lunch and pulling out his braids. I pulled my phone out to take a picture of his post braid hair do and saw a message from my trainer. "Congratulations" I figured we had gotten third. She came back with 1st. I was amazed. 

I looked at the results and saw that I had won the 2-2. 2-1 I had lost a tie for third, and again got fourth. I think I am doomed to that dang white ribbon.

The show was a success, we got one of the five placings needed for Roscoe's performance requirements and I have both scores needed for the Bronze. We are on our way. Plus Roscoe was the only pony at this level.

No babies yet, though Maggie looks ready to pop.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Old School = Savings

 Every year our vet goes to Aiken, so we have to rely on his wife to do our coggins. Unfortunately, Mom could not get either of them to respond. Love them, but dang people customer service is key.

So Mom got ticked and checked with another area vet who is used in the neighborhood. She was able to fit the boys in the next week. And funny story, we tried this vet when she bought the practice from our old vet years ago and she was awful. We never went back to her again. Fast forward and she is the vet for our friend who does the Magna Wave and happened to be nearby when Ember had a choke episode. He had basically cleared it by time she came, but it was great of her to come by. She seems to have found a way to connect to owners since the first time we met her.

Mom got the boys ready and the vet offered something we did not even know was still available...handwritten coggins. Yep that poor vet had to draw Roscoe's markings. Been there, done that and it is no fun. Who knew in the age of everything digital that they were still an option.

And to make it even better, they were $25 each. Three horses and a farm call was only $125. My jaw dropped when my Mom texted me the amount. For that price I will scan my own coggins to apply online.

They arrived quickly too.

Bonus was the vet gave us a good tip for giving shots to horses who hate needles, go slowly putting it in. It worked when we gave Roscoe his flu/rhino.

She will probably be the first vet we call now. We are lucky to have a ton of vets to choose from, which I know is an issue in other places.

Just over a week till show day, and we have more rain coming. Hopefully the pony will not get too dirty. He also has a collection on Monday to see if he will be ready to do his other job. Can't wait for the babies to arrive!