Saturday, December 31, 2016

Blog-a-versy and 2016 Review

Five years ago I sat down and started this blog never knowing it would expand my world. I love the connections I have made and the training records the blog provides.

So onto 2016, January:
This is a notoriously slow month for me because my job is all about inventory the whole month. We had a snowy interruption that kept me at the barn. The pictures were great though.

We dealt with Winston's puffy eyes and a surprise driving clinic. Plus this was the start of the Foal Pool.

Was a month of frustration, dealing with the tough side of owning a stallion, and the pain of getting kicked in the hand, and discovering Deliah's back issues.

Showers of tears, as we lost Sonny. Deliah got help with chiropractic and acupuncture.

Colt, Filly, Colt, Colt and Colt!!! Winner announced for Foal Pool. I fall off Roscoe, DaVinci gets bit by a snake, Winston turns 20yrs old and Rosemary turns 9 yrs old.

Alanna's prize, cross stitch of Emi

My baby turns 5yrs old and we go visit his foals.

Our one and only show happened, but it was a super hot one causing me to cancel my ridden classes. I also found out 2017 will bring another Roscoe baby.

We were shocked by the price of dental work, surprised by loose horses and amazed by a new tire cover for the trailer.

Another foal visit includes meeting Cob Jockey and Connor. Jumping Connor leads to jumping Roscoe. Baby Royal wins big at the National Welsh Show.

Roscoe shows he has been holding out on me and Ember comes home.

The month of coughing and snot :( Ember settles in, Dottie retires and Equinpilot reaches 500 posts.

Ember learns to pony and begins round pen work. Christmas gifts and the Blogger Gift exchange.
New portable panels 

Blogger gift 

My cross stitch gift for my blogger

The Red Boys, Our Castleberry Cobs

A funny shirt I gave my Dad

Alpaca hair horses

Cordless Clippers!!!

Abstract Dragon

Textured Heart

I ended the year with a ride on Comrade. He was amazing! He had so much push, I had to wonder if I should have put a saddle on. I guess he enjoyed his holiday break. Comrade reminded me of Connor, feeling like an educated pony.

 I may have an awesome show string next year going by my recent rides on Comrade and Rosemary. Roscoe is still not 100%, but he too is looking good.
Here's to 2017! Happy New Year everyone, be safe :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

2016 Blogger Gift Exchange

I love the gift exchange and am lucky enough to have participated every year. Each year I find new blogs to follow and enjoy seeing all the gifts. Hats off to Tracy!

This year I did a double take at my gift when it came.  I had pulled an all nighter trying to finish my own blogger gift so it was boggling when I saw "Nicole" in both address spots on the box. Well played Tracy, I had to laugh.

Nicole from Zen and the art of Baby Horse Management continued the surprise when I opened the box. An odd bundle greeted me along with mints and candy.

Pillow case and wraps

I read her note which shed light on the unconventional wrapping. She is not one to use bubble wrap :)
Instead she used a pillow case and wraps to protect the wonderful picture frames she had sent me. I specifically asked for frames to fit the professional pictures I received two years ago. The frames, two 4x6 and a 8x10, are matching and suit the pictures well. I immediately went to retrieve the photos and put them in.

I am so glad to be able to show off these pictures in frames that do them justice. Thank you so much Nicole!
8x10 of Rosemary

4x6 of Comrade and I

4x6 of Rosemary

All seven of the horses enjoyed Murray's gift of the mints. Now they hear the plastic crinkle and their ears perk up. And Rosemary stalks me thinking I have more.

And in case you were wondering about the unconventional wrapping... well let's just say a couple of people will be seeing it again. Hey it worked to protect my frames so I put it to use. I even reused the USPS box to mail my blogger gift. That will be a well traveled box and wrapping!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

10 Questions for December

 I am jumping on L. Williams December 10 questions. Here goes.

1. Does you horse need shoes?
Dottie, top and DaVinci
Winston, one trimmed, one yet to be done
Dottie and DaVinci both wear front shoes. Both have them for support. Dottie injured her hoof before we owned her and it caused a crack at the top of her hoof. The shoes help keep the crack minimal. Plus the big girl hates the rocks. DaVinci used to get gravel which caused abscesses when we first got him, so the shoes help alleviate that problem. We used to pull his shoes in the winter, but the past snow and hard ground were rough on his heels. At their ages, we pay the extra to keep them comfy.
Winston has never worn shoes and has pretty great feet despite getting laminitis. All four cobs are barefoot with their super cob feet. Rosemary is slightly more flat footed than the others and may need to have shoes if we start driving her more. Maybe boots will work.

2. What do you think of the barefoot vs shoes debate?

To each his own as long as the horse's well being in taken into account.
Comrade, best hooves ever

3. Favorite season for riding?

I love riding in the fall. The weather is just getting cooler and the leaves are changing colors.

4. How many shows do you think you’ve gone to?
Over 20 while I was in high school and college, but more recently I only get to about 2 a year.

5. Do you consider yourself a good rider?
Yes, at least my horses tell me so...

6. How experienced do you think someone needs to be to own a horse?
Anyone can own a horse. Period. That's the easy part. If you have enough money, you can pay for quality care from experienced people. If you don't and you have the drive to succeed and access to someone to pick their brain, you will be great.

7.  Have you ever gotten into a fight with your trainer?
Not with any instructor, but I have snapped at my Mom before when I was much younger.

8. Describe your dream horse
My Mom always said I wanted a grey horse and I got him in Barry a 13.3h powerhouse Arabian. He was a challenge, but so much fun and we clicked into a team. On the ground he could read my emotions and I could tell if he was feeling off. He was my great "thing" in a little package.

9. Does anyone in your family ride?
Yes, everyone except my youngest brother has ridden in the past. My other brother was one of those natural riders, but girls grabbed his attention. Dad rode Barry on trails, and more recently he rode Dottie. Mom and my sister ride when they have time. We have to put my sister on a new ride since Dottie is retired.

10. If you could ride any horse in the world, which one would it be? Why?
As a Cob owner, I would say Cardi, but since he is on the opposite coast, I will settle for any upper level dressage horse. I really would love to feel the passage.