Sunday, March 19, 2023

Foal Pool 2023

 Whew, breeding season was crazy. We had 15 collections for 8 different mares and had 4 pregnancies. Sometimes the mares do not cooperate.

So here are the Expectant Mares:

Maggie, Belgium/Arab Bred 5/6

Tegan Rhosyn Welsh Cob Bred 5/26

Lady Welsh Cob Bred 6/3

Remember When, Warmblood Bred 6/21 (finally a warmblood)

The basic's:
Guess the birth date
Guess the gender

Extra points for guessing chrome:

Coat Color 

Winner of each will get a $25 RW or store of choice gift card.
Overall Grand prize winner (points combined) will get the personalized cross stitch.

Post your guesses in the comments! Good luck.

Now I have to tweak my resume so I can apply for a lateral move at work which will hopefully bring another boost to the paycheck.

1 comment:

  1. Maggie - 4/7 colt, chestnut, blaze 2 socks 2 stockings
    Tegan - 5/2 filly, bay, star snip 3 socks 1 stocking
    Lady - 5/11, colt, chestnut, star 3 stockings
    Remember - 5/27, colt, chestnut, blaze 1 sock 3 stockings