Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Trailer Update: Whew, Not Totaled

My trailer was finally freed on the 9th. Mom said they used a bobcat to lift the tree off the trailer and then used a tractor to lift the trailer out of the ground and push it backwards. Then they were able to chop up the tree.


Rest in pieces

The worst damage

I now need a new rest
 Before and after the tree was removed. The fiberglass popped up somewhat in the front, but all the way where it rested along the support.

Amazingly, the trailer looked better once the weight was lifted. The front was not bowing either. My Dad had it hooked back up to the truck by time I got to the barn.

Mom made the appointment with the Taylor Boyz for an estimate. Peggy and I brought it to them and watched the amazement blaze in their eyes when I showed them the pictures. They could not believe the limited damage considering the size of the tree.

So they are going to patch the fiberglass and bend the supports back into place. The jack probably needs a new bolt at the front since it is loose. I also asked them to check the tackroom door. The floor just inside was wet when I emptied the room. The seal may have been loosened during the hit. My insurance is thrilled because the price is much lower at $2115.

Mud everywhere
Peggy and Larry managed to drop off the trailer yesterday in the rain/sleet. So in a about a week, we should have a whole trailer again. I got so lucky. Other people need brand new roofs due to tree damage. My trailer got hit at the strongest point and the impact was absorbed by the ground and the truck.

Bailey wanted to go out

I love snow capped trees

Looking for Spring

The rain/sleet turned into the most snow we have had all winter. So spring begins with lots of mud.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Feeding Changes: Going Green

Dottie has continued to have issues with diarreha, so Mom made an appointment for a phone consult with Joyce Harman. She asked for a picture, a list of medications, supplements and food.
Going Green :)

Since Dottie's issues are in her gastrointestinal system, Joyce wanted to change her diet somewhat.
So alfafa cubes were changed to timothy pellets.
We took everyone off of beet pulp (can't afford the advertised nonGMO brand)
Stopped the Metabolic Mineral, began Kelp
Horses only need a tablespoon a day. The 50lb bag plus shipping was about $80.

Dotties, Definitely contains Cinnamon
Dottie was put on Hilton Herbs Digest Support
Slippery elm, Marshmallow, Meadowsweet, Cramp bark, Milk thistle, Liquorice, Gotu kola.

She did two containers, but we did not see significant changes. So Joyce put her on a Chinese Remedy. It is made at the same company that made the remedy that helped Rosemary's sarcoid. She has had one container already and we have begun to see a difference.

As we changed Dottie's food, it is no surprise that changes happened to the others.
DaVinci also is on a Chinese remedy to help with fluid retention. 3 containers for him.

 The biggest was Roscoe. We have been trying to find the right program for giving him energy, keeping weight on especially during breeding season and not require pounds to be fed. We had him on the senior glow the old guys eat. What we did not know is that it is formulated to work with the slower metabolism of older horses. Roscoe was getting none of the energy because he processed it too fast. Plus she thinks he is out of alignment from as far back as his phantom training.

His changes are:

He will be on a Chinese Remedy too. Time to get him ready for show/breeding season.

The Senior changed to Triple Crown Natural
This food has a lot of good stuff in it and you don't have to feed a ton.

He will go off the Metabolic 33%, we can add oats or barley later if anyone needs more oomph.

Superfine, green powder
Funny Face with Green Lips
And last but not least, Comrade and Rosemary are going green.

This year to help with their allergies Mom ordered algae, Spirulina. They get 2tb twice a day. It stinks and turns their food green. We worried they would not eat the stuff, but they have no issue. Even Roscoe and Ember think the stuff is good.

Kelp, flax, bran and Spirulina

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Trailer Update: The "T" Word

Well, my poor trailer is still pinned beneath the tree. Hopefully tomorrow... The truck has been moved and seems to have literally bounced back. It did try to take the trailer with it for a couple of inches before the hitch slipped free.
My Atlas trailer

The tree guy came on Sunday to give an estimate. He said it is a slightly complicated job due to the other surrounding trees. It will run $500- $600.

The adjuster came on Monday. I think I took more pictures than he did. He noticed the front panels are bowing under the weight. As he looked at the roof, he dared to utter the "T" word. I was not even thinking that word and was surprised. I told him that trailer was worth more than my car, so I did not think it possible. Seriously, if my car was not totaled in September, there is no way my trailer is. He had to go do some research for parts before sending me the estimate. The estimate covers the roof and front panels at about $3800. That does not take in account the jack or the paint scratches. I see supplemental in my future.
At least none of these boys was on the trailer

Cheer up, We have Time!

So once the tree is off, we will contact our trailer place who does our inspections and repairs. Taylor Boyz can do collision repair too. They will deal directly with my adjuster to assess the damage and cost of repairs. Of course we have to figure out how to get it rehitched to get it there first, sigh.

Good news/ Bad news, my show got canceled this Sunday due to an EHV occurrence at the barn I rode at during college. I am bummed Roscoe and I have to wait to try Training 2, but with no reliable wheels it is a blessing.
Roscoe's Westfalen auction ended on Monday with three bidders for him. This auction was one that you could place a max bid. It turned out that the person who bid first earlier in the week, had a high enough max bid that the other two did not outbid. I am excited to see who won. I did have someone ask if she could buy a breeding outside the auction if she did not win who has a grey warmblood mare. Bonus being she is in VA, so I could see the foal. These auctions have done what I wanted and allowed him to be visible to people I cannot get him in front of. Someone bid on him for the NEDA auction. I think I know who, but I have not received confirmation. If your keeping count that is at least 3 dates for Roscoe and probably one more with a mare that lives with Tawe (mare in foal to Roscoe for 2018). He may actually have to work this year.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

The Crack Heard 'Round The Barn

Friday morning I did not want to wake up, so I glanced at Facebook to wipe away the sleep. My eyes bugged when a post from the base I work on showed Code Red, ie closed. I texted my boss and asked if it was real. It was due to high winds already causing issues. Paid day off, YAY!
Well I told mom to stay home since she is recovering from my sister flipping her Fit with both of them in it Monday. Mom is bruised and has a swollen hand. My sister came away with a knock on the head and a glass cut on her hand. Overall a super end to a wreck. With Mom at home, Peggy decided to help with the chores. She was out picking while I worked on water and hay. Then we heard the CRACK.
It sounded close and it sounded from the direction of the trailer and chicken coop. We both circled the house to see. Sadly I saw what I did not want to see.
My view
Peggy's view

The dang tree crunched my trailer!!!! I just about cried. Except for my education, my trailer is my biggest purchase. This hurts big time. We had the truck hitched since I had a lesson scheduled at Sprieser on Sunday. Canceled now :(
Stabilizer bars on the ground

 The tree drove my jack foot through the plastic rest and into the ground. The jack is tipped slightly back. The hitch and trailer tongue nearly touch the ground. We worry about the truck suspension. You can see where the hitch initially hit the ground and came up a little.

Approx 16 inch diameter tree

The big ass tree landed across the roof right at the front most point. At the front the fiber glass is busted outside and inside the dressing room. The roof is pushed down. We won't know how bad everything is until the tree comes off. That will be Monday since the tree guy is backed up getting trees off houses.

Dressing Room
Broken branch
 And some shots from different angles. None make me feel any better, except that the truck did not get hit.
Very top hangs over Peggy's trailer

With all the wind and power outages I could not call home or Dad or anyone. Luckily I could use Peggy's land line to call my insurance and start that process. The adjuster will be out Monday too. I was a bit worried when he asked if it was a mobile home. Ugh, I hate claims and repairs. As a friend said "Your not fixing that with duct tape and baling twine."