Sunday, October 31, 2021

A New Addition to the Heavenly Herd

 I have gone radio silent not because there is nothing to say, but because we have been on an emotional roller coaster with DaVinci. He got two months of EPM treatments, continously treated with PEMF, acupuncture, and Equioxx. We saw improvements and then we saw him go downhill. We made the decision to inform his previous owners of the fact he would leave soon early September. 

It was extremely hard to make a choice while he was interacting, eating and showing some improvements. We had to go day by day. I was actually able to pick up and trim a little bit of his feet. He was not running into walls as much. We took off his protective eye mask since eye injuries were the least of his worries. That helped his mobility improve. 

My parents had to go to a wedding in October and my dad stressed about something happening while they were away. The vet came just before they left to see Dottie, who could not put her head down, and said DaVinci looked good. Then the day after they returned, Peggy told us DaVinci was lame. Sure enough his left front was problematic. We attempted to treat, but the pain and neurologic issues made it difficult. After a PEMF treatment we managed to get a boot with a soaker diaper on. He did walk better though the pain was evident.

Wednesday mom told me he was separating himself. That night we made the decision. His feet were a battle we could not address. We had to do an emergency as the vet was not available until the next week. The next morning we did the painful process of walking him out to the field using Dottie and his breakfast. 

Ever suspicious he flipped out,literally, when I put the halter on. We did manage to get him in place again. The vet gave him and Dottie a sedative. DaVinci opinionated as always decided to back up to a different spot. Kudos to the vet for staying with him. Fortunately after that drama the process was smoother than expected for a neurologic horse. 

Dottie was very upset as last one in her group. The boys went to the fence line to see. The herd dynamic is amazing. We ended up calling a different burial service than previous times and he was super. My dad and the boys were by DaVinci during the whole process. 

Fifteen years ago DaVinci came back to VA after four years in CA where he had a dressage career. We promised to keep him till the end and now he joins the rest of our heavenly herd. 

Thank you everyone who helped make his last half year better.

His previous owner found his show halter and used it on her current horse at an event in his memory. 

And yes he has a Painted Pony. That post will come later