Current Ponies

Registered Name: Winston Spring Trophy
Show Name:         Omnis Cor
Breed:                   3/4 Arabian, 1/4 Quarter Horse
Size:                      14.3h

Winston is our 20 yr old Arab cross. We have had him since he was 10. He was extremly green when we purchased him and gave us quite a few scares. 9 years ago I decided to find a trainer and lucked out finding the right person the first time. The main focus of his training is Dressage. Sadly lost Feb 2017.

Show Name: HJ's DaVinci
Breed:          Arabian Cross?
Size:             14.1h

DaVinci is our 25 ish yr old Arab. He came to us 13 yrs ago from CA. One of my mom's former students spent her years in CA training him Dressage. By time he arrived in VA he had shown 2nd level and trained 3rd. He had to adjust to our more relaxed barn, but now thinks he owns the place. DaVinci still works the Dressage, but he is happiest going for trail rides. Sadly lost on 2021.

Show Name: NV's Silouhette
Breed:           Percheron/TB cross
Size:              16h

Dottie is our 29yr old draft cross. She has the privelege of being the first mare we have owned. Dottie has done theraputic riding, foxhunting and hunter before we got her. She is completely different from the other horses we have owned. Although she is the biggest in the barn, we can put my sister and father on her and she takes care of them. Dottie is the queen of the barn and she makes sure everyone else knows it.

Registered Name: North Star Rosemary
Breed:                  Sec. D Welsh Cob
Size:                     14h

Rosemary is our 13yr old Cob. She is Amish bred from Illinois. We bought her Nov '10 already 4 months in foal. So we got to experience the joy of a breeding mare. In addition we started working her under saddle and in harness. Rosemary has learned to drive and will continue to further her riding career. In June '11 she blessed us with an easy delivery of a handsome colt. Sadly lost in 2020.

Registered Name: Castleberry's ReFflection
Breed:                  Sec. D Welsh Cob

Roscoe is our 11yr old cob stallion. Although he is young, he is very smart. He has made our first experience raising a foal interesting. He went to his first breed show when he was 3 months old and came away with Reserve Champion Cob. These cobs have great personalities. We look forward to the coming years with Roscoe. Roscoe has been trained for breeding and lightly backed. Now has been started under saddle and is doing really well.

Registered Name: Castleberry's Esquire
Breed:                  Sec. D Welsh Cob

Ember is Roscoe's fourth 2016 foal and the newest edition to Sixpence Farm. We have been pleased with his quick mind and quiet personality. He gets to hang out with his Dad and Comrade since he has become an honorary "Red Boy."