Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Final Foal of 2024, Finally!

 After 375 days Rosie gave up her hostage on 5/28. 

Welcome to Roscoe's new Filly, Clover!

Now I gave everyone  who guessed socks credit for one sock because I am not sure if she has white on her right front, and three stockings. She is unique for a Roscoe foal with her star and stripe.

So, the winner of Rosie's foal pool is Betsy! Email me at to let me know if Riding Warehouse is what you want or another gift card.

And the overall winner for 2024 is Liz! Now to see if I can come up with something to equal last years. Let me know if you have any requests.

Thanks everyone for participating. As of now, Roscoe has had a break from breeding since mare owners are waiting for 2025. There is still a chance for a 2025 foal.

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Welcome to Duncan 2.0

 At the civilized hour of 7am Maggie gave birth to Duncan 2.0, Collin on Saturday. Yes, Rose is still holding out on us.

Similar to his brother, his chrome was a little hard to figure out. I waited to see how he dried. I see three stockings and one sock.

Maggie came much earlier than everyone expected, so the numbers are really low, but the winner is Liz!

Send me an email to let me know if Riding Warehouse is your chosen gift card.

Now I will leave you with a family photo of when Duncan came to see Collin.

Saturday, May 4, 2024

Mic Drop, First Foal of the Year

 Finally, the first foal has graced us with their presence. On 5/1 (Debonair's B-day) Fairy Gold released a big, bling boy. She was like 15 days overdue, so her poor owner was totally sleep deprived. She absolutely loves this mare and seems to forgive him for being a boy instead of a girl.

The question is what color is he: Chestnut or Palomino? That is part of the reason I waited to do this post. Only one person guessed chestnut, so I gave them credit.

Enjoy Roscoe's newest son, SFW Mic Drop (video) Video 2

And the winner is Stacie! Send me an email,,  to let me know if you want Riding Warehouse or another gift card.

Now we wait for the next one.

Saturday, April 20, 2024

Updates for Some of Roscoe's Kids

 While we wait for the new foals, here are some updates for the older ones.

Castleberrys Royalty

Jess, and her son, came up for sale. Duncan's owner worked out a deal with her owner and she has a new home in Kentucky. She has been to clinics, trail rides and will be bred again. It will be exciting to see how she comes along.

Castleberrys Ffrewyn

Since weaning he has lived in Canada with his brother, Debonair. He has at least one foal on the ground, but was gelded. Recently he was sold to a dressage rider in America. Fynn is now Frosty and hopefully we will see him in the show ring.

The ones for sale:

Pleinair Nocturne

Shelby, Roscoe's half welsh son. He is still flashy with his chrome. His owner got a full welsh stallion to show and promote, so Shelby has not been able to get started. Ad link.

Cobs Creek Criterion

Duncan is a yearling who has been on trails, shows, and even therapeutic swimming to get fit for YHS.

MHS Ragtime Reflection

Roscoe's 3 year old daughter can be sold open or bred to one of the stallions her owner has available.

Video link. Winter woolie picture.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

2024 Foal Pool, Sorry so late

 Whew, time just flies sometimes. I feel like I have been sick on and off most of the winter.

Roscoe bred five mares and I know of three confirmed.

So here is the line up:

Bred 5/11/23 Fairy Gold aka Pixie (Welsh/WB)

Bred 5/18/23 Ashland Ginger Rose (Welsh Cob)

Bred 6/22/23 Maggie (Belgium/Arab) A chance for a Duncan 2.0

Duncan, finally showing his chrome

The basic's:

Guess the birth date
Guess the gender

Extra points for guessing chrome:

Coat Color 

Winner of each will get a $25 RW or store of choice gift card.

Overall Grand prize winner (points combined) will get the personalized cross stitch.