Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Time Flies, Enjoy some videos

Sorry for dropping away. I am slowly getting some energy back and hopefully with a dosage change I will continue to improve.
Roscoe has continued his once a week training with Kelly. When we had a heat streak early July, she came out really early to work him. Kelly Ride 1 Kelly Ride 2

Then she asked if she could do a lesson with her trainer. UH Yes, please educate my pony.
The lesson allowed Kelly to breakthrough some of his naughtiness by getting him forward. The trainer said that once he started going forward, the rest can follow. He has been better since the lesson. I managed two rides in two days and paid for it for the next few days. I am hoping to at least be able to help him build some muscle with more consistent work. And maybe if the medicine kicks in more, I can build some of my own. Her trainer was quick to say that once a week would not be enough and that my rides would need to activate him to be effective. Ah well, I will do what I can. I know that Roscoe has improved with the little Kelly has done so far and I know my pony can still grow at a slower speed with what I can give him.

Anyway Roscoe also had to work his other job in between riding. So far we have one confirmed pregnancy and are waiting to see if Tawe took with 4.0.

Here are some videos of Kelly's lesson. I have not uploaded the first two from my camera yet, so pardon the gap.