Friday, December 20, 2019

2019 Blogger Gift Exchange

Tracy of Printable Pony has hosted this exchange for seven years and I have been lucky enough to participate each time. Normally I can think of something small I have wanted/needed. This year I drew a blank. You would think with all my horses I could think of something. I felt bad for who ever got me.

So when my gift came in today, I was happy to recognize the name of the sender. Karley is a friend on Facebook and I enjoy following her horse and family fun.

The box contained something for the horses and humans. Chocolate for me and Mrs. Pastures for the horses. And then she nailed it with a brush. I don't think I have mentioned before, but my favorite brush is a mixed stiff/medium made from natural fibers. The brush she sent is just like that. Happy dance!

Thank you Karley! and thank you Tracy!

Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Three Years Together

Ember has officially been ours for three years now! He has fit our herd perfectly. Which considering I had five foals to pick from is awesome. And now we have started working with him under saddle. I am excited to see how he will be. We have taken it really slow since Mom and I are not often at the barn at the same time. Ember has been figuring it out a little more each session.
Baby got moves

He likes to keep me on my toes though. One time he did a big spook with a leap. I was shaking like crazy after that move. Then when we started to ask him to trot, which he really does not think he can do, he went about a half a circle before falling to his knees. Amazingly he was able to stay under me and get himself up.

Each ride we both figure out things. I have to remember to sit back and just be there. Ember is figuring out that he can trot with me on his back. The Sunday before Halloween, Mom and I made time to work him again. He had not had a session for a couple weeks, so we did not know what to expect. Mom got him listening to her on the line before I hopped on. We actually managed a circle at trot both ways.

Then the weather went to mud and rain and wind, causing us to delay further work. It is so tough when he shows progress. So this past Sunday we set up the portable panels to shrink the arena with a plan to take him offline. Mom worked him first so he could get used to the panels on the lunge and then off. He was a bit full of it, but soon settled. I got on and we started out on the line. Ember was listening really well and was better about maintaining. Sometimes he thinks too much and has to stop to check to see if he is doing the right stuff. I am okay with him choosing whoa over go right now. Ember actually started taking verbal cues from me for our trot transitions. Man is he going to have a great trot.

After a deep breath and a break to wait for dogs to pass on the road and the barn dog to get contained, we started to work him offline. Ember questioned being able to move, but did listen when Mom told him to. He was behaving so we moved up to the trot. We kept it to short periods so he could gain some confidence.

I am so proud of our baby giraffe, who seems to get bigger each time I hop on. He has not had the work time Roscoe did, but he has the brain and work ethic to retain what we do with him. Of course he has a bit of Rosemary's drama which keeps things interesting. One of these sessions we will manage to get some video of him trotting. But it is tough for Mom to move him and video, so just a picture for now.

I am finally feeling more human and less chained to a bathroom. Now the dang weather needs to cooperate so I can get back to riding. Ah well I will enjoy these times while I can.
My baby giraffe, he is getting so big

Seriously, he can be handsome