Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Digging Out

Well, that was one hell of a snow storm. My work had to reschedule a couple inventories and the base closed for three and half days. I was snowed in at the barn until Monday when my Mom drove our truck up and took me home.
I did not manage to ride again, since the snow blocked the gate. By time I get a chance I think it will have melted. So here is the picture story:
Friday snow started about noon
Sonny watching the snow fall

Roscoe says "I'm wet and not happy about it"


Cute is easy for Comrade

He wears his snow well

Rosemary heard the camera

DaVinci eating

Snow capped Dottie

Winston, no worries :)

Only the beginning
Snow ride

Saturday, Frozen came to visit
Exhibit A, about 18" of snow I had to dig out to access the Red Boys and water

Exhibit B, Favorite picture of snow in the neighborhood

Rosemary and DaVinci followed me into the deep
Sunday, Sun and Snow

Even the old man ventured out into the deep snow

Dottie found a shallow spot

Pony paths

Helpful Roscoe

Super Cob Manure Mover

Loves her job

Peggy gets a ride back

Roscoe annoys Comrade

"Look, a tractor"

"Yep your right"

"Breakfast, please"

Wild ponies

Play time

"What deep snow?"

Roscoe photo bomb

The view out the front of the barn, Rosemary's path slightly melted

Love snow on trees

Larry's plow work

Monday, final fun day
My view from my temporary room

Heated buckets had a 4" clear area around them in the snow

Not sure if the videos will play, they loaded funny. Rosemary decided to race around taking Sonny with her.
Overall the storm was not too bad, but it was a work out. Now I just need to get through the next few days and finish this month of inventories. Then I can get back to riding and a more normal schedule.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Snowed In

With this lovely storm, I stayed at the barn so I  could help with the horses. Two days of work got rescheduled so it works. Unfortunately this snow is preventing a hay delivery and may keep me here longer than expected.
On the positive side, I am getting a great cardio workout and I managed a ride on Rosemary. At night I even watched some of the George Morris  Horsemanship clinic.
But close to 30 in of snow is getting old. Hopefully tomorrow we can shovel without the work being undone in an hour.
Pictures when I make it home. I will say Rosemary is a winter essential.
Stay safe and warm everyone.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cold, Crunchy Video Attempt

The last three years I have placed an ad on various Stallion pages. Roscoe has received some interest over the years, but his lack of offspring and unknown name meant the interest did not go far. So this year I have not done much advertising. Someone did ask if he has any get and a video. That would be a no and a no.
Well since I actually got two days off in a row and Mom had one of those days off too, we attempted to video Roscoe. The temperature was in the twenties causing the ground to be a little crunchy. Roscoe was a wild child, but cautious due to the ground. Then he was distracted by Peggy.
The footage was not good enough for mare owners, but since we froze our butts off, I still put together a video. PS Roscoe kept coming towards me wondering why I was not playing with him like I normally do when he is at liberty.
Hopefully it is warmer when we try again.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Some Family Pictures :)

Today marks the downhill side of inventory with the completion of the biggest store. I crawled into bed at about 530 this morning after a 13hr work day. I did manage a quick trail ride on DaVinci though before starting that long day.
Meanwhile on Facebook, some pictures were posted of  relations to Roscoe and Rosemary.

First up, Roscoe's sire, Ffame who lives in California. He is progressing in dressage.
Castleberrys Ffame ap Culhwch, 8yr

Next up is Rosemary's sire, Boyo (*Deoniaeth Fly Boy), 16yr old who is for sale in Illinois. He is trained to ride and drive.

Here is her dam Synod Rosie O'Grady, unfortunately residing in a higher place and her half sister Rosalee.

Then there is Rosemary's half sister Jireh Luscious, 12yr old 

and 2015 niece/sister,
full sibling to Timothy
full sibling to a USDF all breed winner, North Star Timothy. Both for sale too, with sales pending.
Baby North Star Timothy

Friday, January 8, 2016

Finally Fit in a Ride

As of 2 January my office devotes the month to completing Inventory at the 13+ retail stores and a bunch more other establishments selling services or food in my company. Nothing new for me since they have always "borrowed" me during this month. What is new is that I have bigger part and that means more time involved. We get about 4 full days off in between some 12 hour days/nights with a bunch of half days. Needless to say my barn time has been cut drastically.
After my 4 hr day turned into a 6.5 hrs yesterday causing me to miss yet another chance to go to the barn, I was determined to ride today. The first day off since New Years. So I played catch up.
I did the morning chores while taking a hard line with my ponies. Larry had given them loose hay, but they said they wanted hay nets once I showed up. Nope, not until they cleaned up the loose hay. So, mean I know.
I filled hay nets, yellow and pink are morning nets and green and orange are evening. Love having the colored nets.
Then Larry received a delivery of gravel, which he then used the tractor to move around. So I decided that was a good time to trim Winston's feet. Turned out Winston was okay with it. No halter, in an open area with Larry working away, I got it done.
Bonus was watching Roscoe and Comrade get "loose" in the front field while Larry had the gates open. They always think they are being sneaky and cut loose like wild things. After all the rain we have had, running has not been possible. They made up for it today, including matching airs above ground.
And then because we have had teen temperatures causing water buckets to freeze, I dug out the heated water buckets. The heated 16 gal buckets have already been in place outside for a month or so.
By that point my ride time was dwindling. The Red Boys already got their exercise from the antics earlier. So I decided on Winston who has not worked in over a month. Winston made sure Mom and Peggy came down to the arena to sit and watch in the misty, chilly rain.
Surprisingly, he was ready to work if a bit stiff. Winston was pretty crooked though. I did some lateral work to get him straighter. Let me tell you, shoulder in on the circle worked well. Winston said it was tough too. We even cantered and I worked him over the poles. At that point I asked Mom to take pictures and she took a video (located down below) I could pull pictures from. This part of the ride Winston was more distracted, but I still had fun. Mom hopped on him after me and made him work more correctly. Such a cool horse and so happy to work. Of course I love the fact that I can do this much work with him.