Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Foal Pool 2019

This year we are expecting Roscoe's first partbred foal. It will be interesting to see how this foal will look.
So let's introduce the dam, Jewel. Sorry I only have screen shots from a video.

She is a black paint who actually has less white than Roscoe. I know she has had at least one foal.

Remember everyone, Roscoe could actually be registered pinto. I am wondering if the baby will have more chrome than both parents.

She was bred 5/22/18.

My guess is:
Blaze, 4 stockings, belly spot, Some body white too

Put your guess in the comments until April 10th.

Basic Guess

Bonus points for
Chrome (legs, face, belly, etc)

$25 RW Gift Card
A framed cross stitch

Oh and if anyone is interested, Roscoe will become a grandfather this year too. So expect lots of foal pictures. The first two will be a combination of two super breeding programs, while the third continues Castleberrys known quality.

Castleberrys Ffrewyn x Quillane Audacious 

Castleberrys Debonair x Quillane Atarah

And Castleberrys Reno x Hawkshill Castleberrys Rosina

Friday, March 8, 2019

Retention, A Blessing

Once my parents came home, the relief of having support again awakened the need to ride. I needed pony therapy and Roscoe definitely needed the work. I have two dead blankets thanks to the Cob boys deciding play time during blanket change was a good idea.
So I convinced Mom to ride with me over the weekend. I worried about what we lost during the two month break. I did feel somewhat better when an article mentioned that over in Europe horses tend to get long breaks.
Energy was not a problem. We seemed to have hit on the right feeding routine for him finally. He has maintained his weight so well this winter.

With the energy I was surprised that he also brought the right moves. It turns out our "10" canter from last year was not a fluke. I still felt solid when we canter to the right. Retention is such a blessing. And the fact that Roscoe is at the point of retention is an achievement. To me that says his training is on the right track. Now I just need to get his left lead up to the right's standard.

I used the feeling of the right lead to help work the left. Of course I think the biggest problem is me and my inconsistent outside rein. So I steadied the rein and focused on getting the same feeling of being around him evenly. It was hard for both of us, but I felt a difference. The next ride was not as successful since he was probably sore decided to fight the change. He still felt good though.

Sadly the weather has been so wet that I have not managed another ride recently. At least when the next ride does happen I will not feel like we have lost so much time and have to make up ground. This year I plan to do very little showing and try to focus on moving up to 1st level with more lessons. That plan starts in a couple weeks with Adult Camp. This move up will be hard because it will be a move up for both of us. I only have one 1st level test under my belt and that was on a made horse, so I can't help Roscoe. I think he is going to help me.

In other news, breeding season is coming up next month. Roscoe will attempt to breed one of the mares from last year who has a new owner. I let the breeding transfer. He possibly has another breeding as a result of the Westfalen Stallion auction. I will know more later this month. During one of the auctions, my ethics lost him a bid. Roscoe's contract is good for 3 breeding seasons, live foal guarantee. If a rebreed is needed, the mare owner only pays $200. One mare owner bid on a discounted breeding when she already has two contracts with two years remaining. I could not let her pay more than she needed. So I lost out on some stud fee, but hopefully kept a mare owner happy.

And of course I will be setting up the Foal Pool soon. This will be a short time one, the due date is soon.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Dualing Professionals

Thank you everyone for your comments on my last post. I still can't believe she is gone, but seeing her half finished cross stitch project certainly makes it real. And yes Kristen we can talk about a project of your own. Pm me on Facebook or email me at

While Mom was gone Comrade was having issues with his mouth. The dentist had found he has a gap that will hold food. He told us to use a hose and rinse his mouth. Comrade was not totally thrilled at the prospect considering the weather was below freezing. At one point he even drooled down the gate. He seemed to resolve the issue.

All during that episode, Comrade kept eating. He is a Cob so food is priority. So when we started seeing issues this month the differences were noticeable. This time the drool was almost nonstop and he was not eating hay. Peggy got the dentist on the schedule to come. But Comrade's condition deteriorated to the point of shaking and minor colic. So we called the vet.
Comrade showing off his new sheet

The vet found he had a temperature of 101.8. He was obviously fighting something. So the vet took blood. She also looked at his mouth and did not see a huge amount of stuff in his gap. He got banamine for both the temp and the colic. Soon after he dug into his wet hay pellets and some soft grass hay. That evening his temp was down to 101.5 and in the morning it was down to 101.

During a blanket change Mom and I were appalled to see him so tucked up in his tummy and haunches. He looked horrible. No temp, but he was uncomfortable. Peggy gave him an oral dose of banamine after which he dug into food for the next three hours.

Ember snoot honing in
The next day the vet was coming to do a more thorough oral exam. She found three large ulcers on his tongue. She could not tell us how it happened or why he had an infection. Other than treating the ulcers, there was no other treatment advised. Salt water washes am and pm much to Comrade's delight.
When the dentist came, he did not believe the minor sharp edges were enough to cause the massive ulcers. He took pictures and video to send to three vets he knows around the country. All three individually came back and said that at some point Comrade's tongue was swollen and he chewed on it. That would explain the constant drool too.
 I was really glad not to be present. This vet practice refuses to sedate for our dentist and they feel they are superior. Except that when we used them, the horses were over sedated and sore afterward. Plus they were too expensive. We certainly won't burn the bridge, but we have been looking for another vet. So when the vet asked to do a full dental on Comrade, Peggy was quick to say that the dentist would be coming in a couple of hours. Let the dual begin. The vet lectured over and over about why the dentist  was not the right way to go. Phone conversations with the dentist of course said how the vets don't do things right. Poor Peggy was the concerned owner stuck in the middle. The determination of the dentist and his persistence to find us another vet helped Peggy make the decision. Plus he left a large syringe type thing to do the salt rinses.
In the end we are just trying to find the best care for our horses without breaking the bank.

Comrade had a recheck today from the new vet and no more ulcers. He will be so sad when he does not get anymore soft hay. So will Rosemary who has diligently been stealing it from him.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Rough Month, The Power of Thank You

January is historically a month where I work a ton due to inventory and I barely see my horses. This year our schedule was lighter, so I had hope to get more barn time. Unfortunately I did not realize just how much I would get. During the biggest inventory we conduct, my uncle called to say my Memere had been examined by hospice and the news was not good.

So my parents left for Florida to be with her. She had less than a month to go. My Memere is one of the strongest women I know. She has had MS for awhile, developed Crohns, but she kept going. Just before Thanksgiving, after one too many falls, she made the decision to move in with my uncle. That was the beginning of the end. My independent grandmother lost heart with the decision. My Mom got two weeks with her before she joined my grandfather to dance again. I am so glad we got to see her every year for the last decade.

Her strength helped my sister and I get through the month my parents were gone. Weird work schedules, snow storms, reactivated UC and animal issues made for stressful times. Peggy and Larry helped where they could. I melted down more than once. Sometimes things were just too much.

Fortunately life goes on and all the animals survived. Rosemary is dealing with slight heaves thanks to all the wonderful mold we had last year. So far giving her phosphorus has helped the best. Of course she was better when the vet  came. Dottie's digestive issues have greatly improved since Mom found Succeed. And after dealing with my UC flaring since I was sick in October, it is finally improving after a course of steroids.

Amidst all the crazy a little envelope came in the mail. I nearly cried when I read the card. Memere always had a cross stitch project she was working on. Sometimes she made it for herself and other times she gave them away. Visiting her got me back into doing cross stitch and you all know what my sister and I do every year. The blogger gift we make is something I normally share with Memere once I finish. This time one of the last texts she sent me was to ask me why I was not with her to pull out her threads. I told her I was pulling out my own. I did not get to share the finished project with her this time. So when Amanda sent me a thank you card it reminded me why I started making them in the first place and who inspired me. As long as I cross stitch I have a link to her.

The power of thank you at just the right time can bring happiness when someone is down. Memere was also a big one for the written thank you, so Amanda you certainly showed why she did.

Friday, January 4, 2019

2018 Year in Review

2018 was nothing if not memorable. Sadly not always for good things, but it moved along.
January was my month of inventory at work. I handed the reins over to Lauren for a show. It was a learning experience about showing in horrible conditions.

Another first was Roscoe participating in 3 auctions for stud service: Orchard Hills Pit Stop, NEDA and Westfalen NA. He managed bids in all three.

February was a month I began to see progress in Roscoe's canter work even though we had very few ride times.

March was the month of madness and going green. This was when the big ass tree fell on my trailer and luckily our trailer guys were able to fix it. The horses had a diet change which included spirulina to help with allergies and kelp for their trace minerals. The green change seemed to help even with the bad allergy season.

April brought some actual ride time in lessons and in a show. And I actually backed Ember for the first time. Roscoe also got to play at a jump chute clinic.

May brought the breeding season, another ride on Ember and grey horse problems with DaVinci.

June brought a new colt, a dressage lesson,  and a show.

Betsy won the Foal Pool and below is her prize.

July was when we had an awesome jump lesson with Budi. Roscoe and I actually can jump together.

August brought the death of my trailer via Mack truck and the worry of losing DaVinci. We still have to watch him to see if he will need to lose his eye due to the bone fragments in the socket. So far, so good. I don't even want to remember all the trailer insurance stuff I had to deal with.
The month ended on an unexpected high when Roscoe won all three training level tests, earned "10" and came away the high score of the show.

September brought the death of my fun loving aunt after a three week battle with cancer. Ember helped bring up our spirits with an exceptional performance at the jump chute clinic. He really is good for the soul.

Long mane braids pretty successful

October brought the death of Draco. It is so hard to see a young life cut short. It also brought the fulfillment of a goal to get Roscoe on a cross country course. Stephen Bradley helped his introduction go smoothly even if it ended with me on the ground.

November brought another trailer to us. A bit rough around the edges, it needed a new jack and some major maintenance. It is so good to have wheels again.

December was the month of Blogger Gift Exchange and sadly, dog bites.

My gift from L Williams
My sister and I quickly got to work on making the pattern for our annual cross stitch, this time for Amanda at Bel Joeor. I tried to save time by editing the pictures so only the horse was visible and adding a gray background. I picked the pictures specifically so that we could showcase his blaze and brand. I even got two thirds done with the brand picture when I decided the coloring was off and pulled it all out. Luckily the other two heads came out okay. My sister redid the brand picture and it was better. He has a roan patch right by his brand which the computer saw as the same. Luckily Amanda has a "how to read a mustang brand" on her blog and I could write down what it said. Then my sister fixed the pattern and pulled out the corresponding stitches and replaced with white so his brand could be seen. Finally, it was coming together. It threw another challenge at us by being slightly too long for the frame we had, so we had to get creative with framing and mounting. I did not deliver in time for christmas due to the creative difficulties and unexpected trips to the vet when Griffyn got bit twice in the month. He is not the best patient and drain tubes drive him crazy. He is on the mend now and Amanda was happy with her gift even with the delay.