Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Digging Out

Well, that was one hell of a snow storm. My work had to reschedule a couple inventories and the base closed for three and half days. I was snowed in at the barn until Monday when my Mom drove our truck up and took me home.
I did not manage to ride again, since the snow blocked the gate. By time I get a chance I think it will have melted. So here is the picture story:
Friday snow started about noon
Sonny watching the snow fall

Roscoe says "I'm wet and not happy about it"


Cute is easy for Comrade

He wears his snow well

Rosemary heard the camera

DaVinci eating

Snow capped Dottie

Winston, no worries :)

Only the beginning
Snow ride

Saturday, Frozen came to visit
Exhibit A, about 18" of snow I had to dig out to access the Red Boys and water

Exhibit B, Favorite picture of snow in the neighborhood

Rosemary and DaVinci followed me into the deep
Sunday, Sun and Snow

Even the old man ventured out into the deep snow

Dottie found a shallow spot

Pony paths

Helpful Roscoe

Super Cob Manure Mover

Loves her job

Peggy gets a ride back

Roscoe annoys Comrade

"Look, a tractor"

"Yep your right"

"Breakfast, please"

Wild ponies

Play time

"What deep snow?"

Roscoe photo bomb

The view out the front of the barn, Rosemary's path slightly melted

Love snow on trees

Larry's plow work

Monday, final fun day
My view from my temporary room

Heated buckets had a 4" clear area around them in the snow

Not sure if the videos will play, they loaded funny. Rosemary decided to race around taking Sonny with her.
Overall the storm was not too bad, but it was a work out. Now I just need to get through the next few days and finish this month of inventories. Then I can get back to riding and a more normal schedule.


  1. I'm loving all the snow pony media <3

  2. ha very clever having the horses pull your manure for you! now i kinda wish we had horses that are broke to drive at our farm... seems useful!