Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tent Sale

Every year around this time Dover Saddlery has a tent sale at their Chantilly, VA location. And every year it rains, even if just a little. This year was no exception.
I think it is the location, because Dominion Saddlery who Dover took over, held the same tent sale and always had rain.
Anyway, Mom and I did not rush since the sale started yesterday and we only had a few things to look for. We of course had to get through the throng of people who wanted to pet the dogs. One lady even remembered them from last year. Corgi's and horses just go hand in hand.
The sale seems to get smaller and you have to look harder for the deals, but we did OK.
Here is what we got:

1. I have no idea what it is called, but it is an awesome product to use on leather with a foreign name. We saved about $4 on the product.

2. Roscoe as a yearling is growing like a weed, so we wanted a cheap fly sheet. In the "Dover Basement" tent there was a Sarasota size 58 fly sheet. A little short for him, but at $15 his tail can handle his butt.
Not too bad a fit
3. Also in the "Dover Basement" tent I found a pair of beige breeches for $15. I only ride in breeches during lessons and shows so I am happy to get a new pair. I wish I could afford enough to ride in all the time.

4. Now for our "purely for fun" purchase: A lead line saddle :) I have a niece and nephew that are just at the age to start riding so Mom and I just had to get it for $60. What is great is that the saddle is synthetic and the panels are velcroed on and can be adjusted for the horse.

Those were our tent sale deals. Inside the store we picked up a few everyday things:

 Gallon of B-L for DaVinci and Dottie  Really a great supplement for the older horses.

Cashel fly mask for DaVinci. Roscoe keeps taking off his old one and has about killed it.

Gallon Vetrolin liniment, for all our hard working ponies

Fly spray nozzle and eye holes

and something called a bucket hanger, a clip that loops through a foot long nylon piece. We are using it to attach to our bungee cross tie. Roscoe killed our short bungee we used to extend the cross tie. Our center aisle is too wide for just the cross tie.

Overall it was a successful trip. Now I need a kid to try out the new saddle. Time to sweet talk my brother into bringing my niece. If I succeed, I will post pictures.


  1. hope you succeed :) would love to see the pictures :')

    love the bargains you got they were really good xx

    1. Still trying, rain is making it difficult :(