Monday, July 23, 2012

Surgery Tomorrow

Three years ago Griffyn went through what most male dogs go through, getting neutered. No big deal. Well after the procedure the vet wanted him kept on a leash to protect the stitches.
At the barn a day a so after, disaster strikes.
I received a frantic call at work from Mom saying that some how Winston tangled with Griffyn's leash and took off dragging Griffyn. He was tossed around horribly. Poor Mom had to move him into a stall and go after Winston who was loose. Then she had to borrow a truck to bring him to the vets. I hurried to the vets to find Mom panicked that he may have broke his back, as he was not moving his hind end. We had to wait while they stabilized and xrayed him. It was a hard one, let me tell you.
The xrays showed that he did not break his back, thank God, but he did break both his back legs. One above the hock and the other below. Griffyn had to spend the night at a care center and then go to a specialist for surgery the next day. Dad transported him from our vets to the care center with an air cast.
He had a rough night, but the surgery went well. Because Corgi's have such short legs, they had to use pins in his legs. Since he was 6months old the vet told us that it was possible the bone would grow to cover the pins. There was a chance that a pin could move.

6 month old Griffyn  in his cast. The other leg was the higher break.

Recently, we noticed him licking a spot on his hind leg, the one that was in a cast. When we looked closer, there was a sore near one of his scars. Feeling around it felt like granulated tissue. He kept worrying it so we asked the vet to look at it when he got his annual shots.
And of course it was a pin pushing against his skin. Since it was the weekend we had to wait for the surgeon to look at the xrays to let us know if he could do the procedure or if we would need to go back to the specialist.
We received the call that yes he could and it would happen on Tuesday. So Griffyn is on his fasting period and early tomorrow we will drop him off. Keep your fingers crossed that the surgery goes smoothly.

And a funny note. After his injury we make the dogs go in a stall when the horses go out. We say "IN" and they go straight to their stall. Well yesterday, the farm owners had friends and other dogs causing Griffyn to bark and be annoying. For some peace I told him "IN" and he went to the stall. He and Kayla stayed in the stall the whole time Mom and I tacked the girls up. As we mounted and left the barn we had to call a couple times before they would leave the stall. They have trained themselves so well.


  1. Best wishes for a successful surgery and speedy recovery That cast is so adorable!

    1. Thanks. That cast was one of the two he wore during that time.
      We just got the call saying the surgery went well, the pin is pulled and he only has one stitch. Now we have to keep him quiet:( Not easy.