Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Warning: Going to Gripe

This week is shaping up to be on of THOSE, in a completely negative way. Plus the heat does not help any.
Well, yesterday we left the horses in the barn tucked under their fans with hay and water. Typical for these hot days. After work we headed to the barn to turn them out. When we got there, we could tell the college girl had been around not long before.
We have asked her before to fill the girls water trough if it is low. So yesterday when we noticed nearly all the horses buckets were low, we were a little annoyed. How do you go into a barn full of horses on a hot day and not check buckets? UGH
On a lesser scale it bothers me that she never cleans Dottie's stall. By clean, I mean picking manure to a corner or into a wheelbarrow. Maybe because I earned money growing up by cleaning stalls, I always pick stalls at barns I am familiar with. Also if I rode a horse, I made sure to take care of her stall. Geez, she even had to move a wheelbarrow out of the way to get a whip,

Heck I think I would be happy if she would shut the doors correctly and remembered to lock the tack room. The other day, the tack room was wide open with the girls in the barn. Thank God they did not go in, since we had a new bag of grain sitting inside. Little details drive me crazy, but I bite my tongue.

I know she is helping by giving Dottie work and Dottie is in better shape, but horses need more than physical challenge. They need care and attention.

Ok, now that I have vented I am ready for bed and facing the rest of this week.

Dottie with her shorter mane. My hard won work :)


  1. The little details wouldn't be worth it to me to keep college girl around....unless it was to strangle her!

    1. Ha, Carly I keep telling myself she will be gone in a month. Sometimes it works.

  2. There is absolutely no place for laziness in any aspect of horsemanship. (jmho)

    1. I agree. Sad thing is, I don't think she has a clue.