Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Some Family Pictures :)

Today marks the downhill side of inventory with the completion of the biggest store. I crawled into bed at about 530 this morning after a 13hr work day. I did manage a quick trail ride on DaVinci though before starting that long day.
Meanwhile on Facebook, some pictures were posted of  relations to Roscoe and Rosemary.

First up, Roscoe's sire, Ffame who lives in California. He is progressing in dressage.
Castleberrys Ffame ap Culhwch, 8yr

Next up is Rosemary's sire, Boyo (*Deoniaeth Fly Boy), 16yr old who is for sale in Illinois. He is trained to ride and drive.

Here is her dam Synod Rosie O'Grady, unfortunately residing in a higher place and her half sister Rosalee.

Then there is Rosemary's half sister Jireh Luscious, 12yr old 

and 2015 niece/sister,
full sibling to Timothy
full sibling to a USDF all breed winner, North Star Timothy. Both for sale too, with sales pending.
Baby North Star Timothy


  1. those are some good looking cobs!

  2. Hey!!! That photo of Ffame looks like it was taken at El Sueno, my favorite place to show! If so, it's only about 2 1/2 hours from me. Does he live there?

    1. Not sure, his owner lives in Camarillo. That would be cool if he was close to you.

    2. I think he might, the rider is an assistant trainer for Michael Leiber dressage.