Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sick Baby

Today was my first day of vacation, which I really needed. Unfortunately Roscoe has had a snotty nose and cough the last couple days. Plus he looked like he had loose manure too.Yesterday I immediately went to a little reference book given to us by Joyce Harman, a holistic vet, to see what remedies he needed. For respiratory, there were two remedies listed:
Aconite Napellus is something to use if the horse pops a temperature over 101 degrees. It can help ward off further illness.
Pulsatilla is used for when the horse has nasal discharge and maybe a dry cough.

The second best described what Roscoe was displaying. And of course in our holistic supply we have the Aconite, but not the Pulsatilla. So once I got to work I called my sister to see if she was going out at all, but she was staying home. I checked the Vitamin Shop's hours and they closed at 9pm. Getting off at 830 would make it nearly impossible to get to the store. I ended up taking a shorter lunch in order to leave early. Success, I made it just in time to buy the Pulsatilla.

Roscoe started his remedy today and will continue for the next 3 days. I am going to keep track of his temperature to make sure he does not get worse. His temp was 100.2 F  in the warm afternoon and maybe after jumping around.

To help him, I rinsed and soaked the hay for the boys. The water takes away the dust factor and softens the hay. Plus for fat boy Winston, it rinses out some of the sugars in the hay making it diet food. Roscoe thought it was fun to play in the rinse water and DaVinci actually drank some, silly boys.

The girls were not impressed with the rinsed hay and got to have dry stuff. All of them were not too happy with the warm day combined with their already fuzzy coats. I am going to have to do trace clips sooner rather than later.

Hopefully it is cooler tomorrow and the baby feels better.

Typical sick little boy, he is still playing and getting into things. Here is what he thinks grazing muzzles are for :)

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