Monday, August 19, 2013

Shit Happens...

For reasons we will never know sometimes.
I had one of those times where bad things just seem to happen. It started with Peggy's hay supplier, then it moved to our new hay. What should have been our last load till next year, ended up being wet and some was even moldy. We thought we got at least 30 bales, but after opening two that number is highly questionable. This is a big hit. Hopefully we have enough to get us through winter and into the first cutting. Now we need the grass to die, so they can graze a little more.

Around the same time as all this hay drama, I received a message from Roscoe's breeder. Unfortunately, neither mare she bred took so no Roscoe foals next year. I am more upset for the breeder, because her ponies are awesome. The amount of thought she puts into her breeding program should be commended. She truly loves the Cobs and breeds the best. Just look at Jen's recent post to see Roscoe's niece/aunt and nephew who are really nice partbreds. If it was not for the fact I want a Roscoe baby, I would take the colt in a heartbeat. This year has seriously tested her with a lost foal and several breeding mishaps. I wish she was located closer, then Roscoe would be easier to utilize. After this year, we are more comfortable with the thought of allowing live cover. I think in Roscoe's mind it is all the same anyways. With two of the mares she wanted to breed to Roscoe pregnant it made live cover this year tough.
Next year I will post him as able to do AI and limited live cover. His breeder can handle him for any mares she would like to breed, but anyone else will have to use ERC for both services. No way am I going to try to manage him during a breeding. That boy is strong!

And, it looks like Comrade may have to miss the Welsh show next month. Peggy's truck is still out of commission, which means we only have two spots in the trailer. I am torn. Rosemary's eye looks great and she looks great overall, so Mom wants to bring her to the show. She just shines in the show ring. On the other hand Comrade has a chance for year end awards since he has been to one show already. So do I take my pony just to show off, but really am not competitive in year end results or do we take Comrade, who has a points that also benefit the breeder. It is a quandary. Entry forms have to be in by the first. At this point the only thing I know for sure is that Roscoe will be showing. The mane pulling has already begun for Roscoe and Rosemary.

Finally, the worst news for me:
I have a dentist appointment this week :(  Blegh!


  1. Blegh on all counts. I was looking forward to seeing what Roscoe babies look like. Tough on the know I am partial to Comrade and Dundee getting points!

  2. Never say never. I have an idea to get Comrade to the show.I have a truck in Frederick, MD that my daughter is borrowing. Maybe we can borrow her 4 horse trailer and haul them all together?

    1. The truck is the main part missing since our truck cannot pull Peggy's trailer. Her trailer can hold all three. I was aiming for us to only take one trailer this time. Let me know and I will check with Peggy. Entries are due by the first.

  3. P.S. Thank you for the compliments on my breeding program. You're right when you say I really love the Cobs. I love all horses, but Cobs, (and the Welsh breed as a whole)are in a class by themselves. They have the best personalities of any breed I have ever worked with. So smart, and fun!