Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Driving Cones Fun

Yesterday we set up some cones in the turn out to act as driving gates. The trees were also gates. Rosemary had to warm up and get use to driving up and down the hill, but soon she was cruising. It was a blast. Mom went first, then me and finally Peggy, who had eye surgery and should not be doing stuff like this, could not resist and took a turn. The hardest part was staying on the seat. We need a footrest for our short legs. I guess there is a reason the drivers are buckled in during the marathon part of a CDE. Here are the videos of some of our drives.

Mom's :



Rosemary just got better as we went along. I think she really enjoyed the challenge. For Eventers, this is kind of the stadium equivalent in driving. Too bad Combined Driving is soooo expensive, I could really get into it.


  1. What fun, y'all look great!! I did a little driving in college but never got to do cones or marathon, only dressage tests. Rosemary looks like she's having a blast!

    1. She definitely had a blast! Rosemary knew we were doing something new and started to walk toward the cones even before she was completely hitched.

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  3. How awesome! Ya'll look great. Combined driving always looks like SO MUCH FUN!