Wednesday, October 11, 2017

"Make My Pony Appreciate Me"

In all the craziness that is life right now, I have not really been able to talk about the new trainer. Lauren (not Sprieser, can't afford her) has come out for a few lessons. She uses similar techniques to what Natasha did, so the transition has been pretty smooth.
Lauren on Comrade

Natasha had said that we needed to start asking Roscoe to pick himself up. Roscoe says that is too much work and please keep carrying him. So when Lauren came, she brought a quiet firmness that pushed his buttons. During her part of the ride, he threw a fit. Stomping feet, head throwing, biting and rearing included. Roscoe will definitely test the boundaries. 2nd ride

Her second ride, Roscoe was less combative. He still thinks picking up his back and stepping into canter is overrated, but at least his work ethic was improved. Lauren said she felt a difference from the previous month. The best part for me is being able to get on after her and reap the benefits. The biggest being my pony appreciates me. Before the show I had her ride and "make my pony appreciate me." Considering the show, my evil plan worked.
3rd ride
Lauren has her ways to reach the people to. Prepping for the show, she told me to ride my straight lines in a shoulder fore. Which basically straightens my crooked little man. Then she told me to use "Beyonce Hips" during my free walk. Roscoe has almost too much forward in his walk, so I had to activate using a side to side hip swing vs a forward hip roll. With help from her, I am starting to feel my green bean sprout some leaves.

Now if only he and the others would magically appear with clips by time I get back from Florida. This heat and humidity is horrible. The last show of the summer series is the 28th. And crazy me, I am already looking at the winter series. I could not resist when I found out the shows would be at the same farm where the inspection took place only 30 minutes away.


  1. I know what you mean about testing the boundaries- Carmen will do that on the third ride. I like how he's moving and taking responsibility.

    1. Thanks Teresa, it has been fun to watch him learn.

  2. Replies
    1. That or his butt is too tired by time I get on :)