Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Auctions Galore

This year Roscoe is taking part in four stallion service auctions. The biggest reason I went against his breeder's advice to not do auctions, is that if he gets bids, he gets free advertising which is a chunk of change I would not be able to do on my own. So many people view the auction sites, which gets him in front of people who would not see him otherwise.

Roscoe stepping up for the jobs :)

So one auction to benefit the orchard hills pit stop and docs dog food closed last night. I decided to do this one mainly because I grew up with a boxer/pitbull mix. Sadly these days they get such a bad rap so any help I can give, I will. This turned out to net Roscoe two breedings, and someone watching him for next year. Breeding season will start in March for him.

The next auction already running is put together by the New England Dressage Association. They nabbed me with their free advertising if he wins a bid. Plus that gets him seen by sporthorse people which I think Roscoe would do well with. You can see Roscoe here
No we did not use these dirty Roscoe pictures

I signed Roscoe up for the Westfalen stallion auction (2/21-3/4) and a young rider will auction off a breeding to help her raise money to get on a team. Those two have not started yet.

It will be interesting to see how these work out.

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