Saturday, September 8, 2018

Ember's Jump Chute Adventure

Finally I have a moment to write about the jump chute clinic. To say we were stressed was an understatement, but we needed to bring Ember to the event. DaVinci cooperated by looking better the day of and easing our minds about leaving him. A neighborhood friend of Peggy's loaned us a trailer and we were set.
Not bad for a rush job

Ember's time was in the early afternoon which gave us time to polish him up. I quickly did his braids even with bands breaking. Then we washed his chrome and scrubbed his body before loading him on the trailer. Bless him, he walked on the strange trailer and traveled well for his first solo ride since coming from Indiana.

Ember decided he would only be difficult about walking into the arena. He has a thing about different materials abutting each other. In this case cement before the footing. Once he was in, he took it all in quietly. We chatted with the host who remembered Roscoe. She decided she really needs a Roscoe baby. She just needs to find a good Cob mare first. What does it mean when people ask if your horses are for sale?

We handed the lead over to Martin to do the in hand portion. I will always pass on to someone with long legs. We told him he would have to work harder than with Roscoe. Ember was a bit lazy to begin with, but he moved on with encouragement. Once he had done the poles a few times in hand, they let him loose to do them on his own. The clinicians were amazed by his big stride. When they saw his canter, Martin said it would be tough for Ember to package so to be patient once he was under saddle. Ember has his moments of looking like he does not know what to do with his legs at times.

When the jumps began going up, Ember said he could do this stuff. I love when even I am impressed with my horses. Ember took time to think and relax in between jump sets. He did not seek us out like his social butterfly father, but he takes new things a bit quieter than Roscoe. Plus Roscoe was the only child and learned to demand attention. Ember had too many siblings to get that way.

Thinking time

Ember had jumps with square knees and some with dangly feet. We were happy that he never seemed over faced and stayed willing. I am even more excited to see him in a couple years. And best of all, we made it back to the barn with no layovers.

His final jump, Definite potential
"Home please!"