Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Splish, Splash...Splat

Florence made her presence known in our area just before the September show. My farrier was convinced the show would be canceled, but there were too many signed up for her to that.
Mom and I made an effort to clean up Rosemary and Roscoe even knowing they would not stay clean. When we got to the show, it was very wet footing and misting.
Mom went first and Rosemary quickly said she was not happy with the puddles. She stomped her way around the warm up. She was more up than out and working harder than she needed to. I was proud of Mom. She worked through the drama and did her two tests. The judge was a tough one and did not give any feedback since it was raining. No pictures for the same reason. Rosemary, even tired, still managed to place with me in training 1.
Just picture Rosemary sandblasted. We had to brush off the saddle before we put it the truck.

Splish, Splash

We had a bit of time until Roscoe was up. This show I asked to ride T2, T3 and then T1. Unfortunately we were not at our best. I was tight and not sitting around him. I tired having Mom shake out my hips, but it was still an issue. Roscoe was greatly insulted to be asked to work in below standard footing. We had to have a serious discussion about him going through puddles when I say. Warm up to say the least, sucked. The show ring was actually better, but he still tried to avoid puddles. At one point I asked for a downward transition from the canter just as he was swerving around a puddle. He totally fell on his face. Not surprising we got "needs balance."

One of the smaller puddles

Despite the weather, footing and my tight hips we did manage to finish all three tests. They were not our prettiest and the judge hit all our weak points, but my pony did as I asked. I hope to be able to ride before this judge again on a better day.

Note I did not wear a white shirt
Our friend who got Winston rideable for us, was showing too. Her boyfriend managed to get some pictures of Roscoe. As for the Splat... that was me later. We were pulling the four wheel cart to load back onto the trailer, when I fell over the railroad tie and landed in the mud. What a way to end a rainy show day.


  1. Lookin good despite the muck tho!!

  2. Good morning fellow horse lovers

    Here are the latest top 10 show jumping riders rankings, after WEG Tryon 2018.

    I have included images AND a video of one of their best winning rounds in 2018.

    Its very entertaining, and a nice way to start off your day.



  3. Oh yuck! Sucks to have fallen down in the mud, I hate that wet cold feeling but glad the ponies were good at the show!