Sunday, November 25, 2018

Roscoe's Wins

If I can ever kick this never ending cold, I may be able to provide some riding posts. Instead here is a brag post.
This year was tough due to the weather cancelling shows and preventing lessons. We made it to four dressage shows at a local series. And though we were not able to move up this year, Roscoe did well at Training Level. Of the nine tests he completed, he placed first four times, second three times and in the rain placed third twice. He had one high score of the day win too.
And at the end of it all he won the Training Level Champion.
We got a pad too

Showing Rosemarys 10th place ribbon too beacuse I had no idea that is what it was

The next win came indirectly to Roscoe due to his kids up in Canada. He won the Get of Sire for the C/D Welsh 2018.
Of course his name is spelled wrong

Castleberrys Debonair, Aderyn du Carousel and Castleberrys Ffrewyn earned enough points to earn the award for Roscoe. Carousel and Debonair even came back to the US for the national show. Then just recently they competed at the Royal. For a yearling, Carousel had a stellar year winning big at both those shows. Carousel even broke Debonair's winning streak at the Royal. Photo credit: Mckeens

Carousel at US National

Debonair at US National

Carousel and Debonair at the Royal

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  1. damn, those are a LOT of awards and prizes and accolades, not to mention all that SATIN!!!!