Wednesday, June 19, 2019

3.0 is a Colt!

So much has happened, but I have been too run down to write it up. Hopefully after today when I, finally, take my new medicine I will get back on track.
On Monday I received word that Tawe had foaled  a Colt! 3.0 decided to be different from his siblings and he is chestnut. He has a blaze and at least three socks. He rivals Ember for being the least blingy Roscoe baby. But born the same day, Roscoe's first grandson by Mini Me is very blingy.

He is pretty full of it. Most of the time I look at the camera feed, he is zooming around the stall. Only once did I catch him sleeping and he popped up right after. Tawe will have fun with this guy. Pretty sure 3.0 will be for sale but I don't have the official word.

Onto the results:

Congrats to Genny for winning the Pool and the Damn Close award! She was only off by a day and two socks. Send me an email,, and I will get your card ordered.


  1. I saw his normal looking blaze and was immediately disappointed he wasn't chrome EVERYWHERE. Roscoe has set up me up for high bling expectations! ;)

    1. Ha, ha Shelby took it all this year. I had to remember that Carousel did not have much either.

  2. Ahhh! So cute!!!! Hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. So cute! I was so close on the pool too. I hope I win one some day.