Friday, December 18, 2020


 October brought the last two shows for our local series. For these I added First 2, with the hope that the first test would get him settled. 

As with previous shows Roscoe got a bath the night before. An though he normally gets over it, I put the hated fly boots on his hind legs to protect his white. Well this time he decided to be a total tool about those boots. Long story short we prevailed in removing them, but there were injuries on all parties. NEVER AGAIN!

Needless to say I worried how the show would go. Super it turns out. I think Roscoe was really ashamed of his morning antics and wanted to be good. We still have plenty to improve. This was our best First 1.

The second test was nerve-wracking for me because of the leg yields. First time they were judged and my pony did well. We lost some angle going right because I felt like I would hit the rail too soon. To the left we had the angle but lost some forward.  After those I could breathe and deal with the canter. We had a great final halt and I gave Roscoe a big hug. The judge said he earned it.

I don't want to have stressful, injury filled show mornings to get scores in the seventies but redemption felt good.

The second show was less successful in scores but he listened to half halts. That was something we worked on the lesson prior to the show. Roscoe was a bit tired too, both caused a break in the canter. I gave points away to keep him moving.  This was a tough judge so our two 65 were okay with me. Now Roscoe and I are trying to better our fitness and improve our canter. It feels like we are learning to canter all over again. 

Well even with a short season and a new level to challenge him, Roscoe pulled off earning the First Level champion. Our journey is slowly progressing, the pony is happy and I'm healthier. What more can you ask of a year like 2020.

Roscoe says "take this 2020!"

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  1. So glad things are going so much better for you guys! Congrats!