Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Welcome to Duncan 2.0

 At the civilized hour of 7am Maggie gave birth to Duncan 2.0, Collin on Saturday. Yes, Rose is still holding out on us.

Similar to his brother, his chrome was a little hard to figure out. I waited to see how he dried. I see three stockings and one sock.

Maggie came much earlier than everyone expected, so the numbers are really low, but the winner is Liz!

Send me an email to let me know if Riding Warehouse is your chosen gift card.

Now I will leave you with a family photo of when Duncan came to see Collin.


  1. She really went Crtl+C, Ctrl+V with this one! Such a little cutie.

    Gotta say, reading this post and seeing a sweet baby pony on the 22nd was a big boost to what was a really rough day! Of course commenting later though because Blogspot from phones is challenging these days lol.