Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mysteries abound

I  hope everyone has had a great 4th. We were able to see three different sets of fireworks from the barn and had a continuous light show as we drove home. The dogs were not so happy though, sounds too much like thunder.
Can we come in now? Winston was still hiding in the run in
The ponies have been trying to stay cool. To help we let the girls come in the barn. Normally we pony proof and don't have any issues. Today we pull up to the barn and see a wheelbarrow across the doorway and the rope is sagging. As we get out of the car I hear Rosemary call. Funny it sounded like her neigh when she is in her stall and everyone else is outside.
Mom and I were confused. Yesterday my sister and I did a fly by feeding before work since Mom did not feel good. I figured my sister must have used the wheelbarrow instead of closing the barn doors. Not wrong, just not what we do. But then we went in the barn and found Rosemary inside Roscoe's stall. Dottie was still loose, so why was Rosemary in a stall? There was no message saying she escaped or any reason why she was in there.

Then I went up to the hayloft to drop some bales and saw hay piled where there was not hay before. Cue the Light Bulb. The appie's owner had hay delivered and he had to make two trips. He is our hay guy too, so when he had extra in the cart he just put it in our loft for us. This explains why the doors were open and in retrospect why hay was all over the barn.
This made us wonder if he put Rosemary in the stall when he put the hay in the barn. Very unusual for him though.
Later in the day, I saw the appie's owner and she said when she came yesterday Rosemary was leaning over the rope across the door. Since she knows we do not normally leave the doors that wide when the girls are loose, she went over to close the doors. One of the doors sticks and would not close for her so she put the wheelbarrow across the door. Things are finally making sense now.
This means that Rosemary was not put into the stall by the hay guy since she was loose when the appie's owner saw her. So how did the pony get into a stall with a stall guard across it?

That silly girl went UNDER the stall guard, then she could not get out. Mystery solved.

Life with horses is never boring.

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