Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Stud-ly Shifts

Geez, this rain is insane. We are sloshing through loads of mud and wet clay. One of the sacrifice areas gets really slick with this much rain, so we have started doing turn out shifts. It really only effects two, Sonny and Roscoe. Those are the two that can't EVER go out together. That would cause a National Geographic worthy moment due to their stud-ly natures.
So we came up with a way to only use two pens and a bonus factor is Roscoe can't run himself skinny. He gets all worked up because the girls just had a strong heat cycle and teased him like crazy. I noticed he was looking leggy. It could be a growth spurt, but I tend to believe it is the hyper awareness. Sonny stays in a stall at night if there is any bad weather, which helps. During the day, Roscoe stays in the stall while the other four geldings go out. Then at night Sonny comes in and Roscoe goes out with the boys. Luckily Roscoe is totally okay with being in a stall when no one else is. The boys can visit him and for the most part, he can see the girls too. We just have to make sure we use the extra Comrade proof latch. Comrade let himself out the other morning and then came over to let out his buddy. Did I mention how we could NEVER let Roscoe and Sonny meet on the same side of a fence? Yeah, definitely have to Comrade proof. So far, so good. Roscoe takes advantage of being in the stall to get a nap. My horses are so adaptable, it makes these shifts easier on us all.
Stud-ly Separation Required

Well with all the rain it was a great time to pull shoes for the winter. We get to save some money, but I get another horse, DaVinci, added to the cue for trims. Dottie only gets her back shoes pulled. She has a old hoof injury that damaged the coronet, so it never goes away. Her shoes help keep that damage under control. I did manage to get 4 of 7 horses trimmed last weekend. I really hope it dries out some when I trim Jenna back at the old barn this weekend. Then I just have two more and I will be caught up.

Maybe then I can attempt to ride again or do my holiday pictures...

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