Thursday, December 4, 2014

Hilton Herbs Mud Defender Now Available

For six months spanning from Nov 13 to Apr 14, Dottie was part of a Hilton Herbs trial. The trial was for new Mudfever/scratches products. Dottie responded well to the products, a supplement and a lotion. The results we saw definitely made having the lotion as part of our medical kit worth any price. The supplement would be worth having if your horse has a severe or chronic case.

Anyway they contacted me a couple months ago to do a review for the products. My review was part of their product launch during the Equine Affair in New England. I wish I could have been there. The two products are:
trial lotion upper left and trial supplement

Mud Defender Lotion priced at $44.00 for a 500ml bottle. This is a great price because a little bit of the lotion goes a long way. Even after the trial we still have two bottles left. We found it helped more than just scratches. And after seeing the ingredient list, I am not surprised. Calendula tincture is one used. Calendula works great on bumps and cuts in cream form and now helps this lotion too. The quality of ingredients Hilton Herbs uses is one reason I allowed Dottie to do the trial.

Mud Defender Supplement starting at $64.00 for 4.4lb bag. This is a mix of flax meal, brewers yeast, kelp, garlic, calendula flower, licorice root and Echinacea root. Again the quality is evident. I definitely recommend the supplement, though the cost could be high. Dottie, due to her size, needed 5 of the 4.4lb containers for a 3 month supply. Because the ingredients included things we already fed to her, flax and garlic, we did exclude them while she was on the trial. So that could help save some money.

Right now customers can get a free shirt with a supplement purchase. So if anyone has a horse that is suffering the effects of mud, steer them towards these products. Helps rain rot too. With all this rain and snow, they might need it soon.


  1. This is interesting. My younger horse, Stampede, has what started as scratches, but has become a chronic condition that is at least partially a bacterial infection. Nothing works to get rid of it. I can lessen it but it always comes back. I'm not sure this would work either at this point, but might be interesting to look into. Of course he would probably refuse to eat the supplement too...

    1. I think it would be worth a try. I was impressed with the results we saw. With the amount of supplement Dottie had to get I worried about her eating it, but we were able to make a little ball using water and she would eat just that at times. She licked her bowl clean. We do feed garlic and flax on a regular basis so that may have helped.
      I would love to know if it helps Stampede. Before this we used medicated body powder with some sucess.