Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Two for One

I was still dragging on Saturday which surprised me. I guess Black Friday takes more out of a person than a horse show. Peggy and I did a bunch of cleaning in the fields before she started feeling sick. So I finished the necessary everyday tasks before I put my mind to riding. With this lovely time change that meant it was already getting dark.

I decided to get on Rosemary bareback and also decided to bring Dottie down to the arena. If I had more time I would have put her pad and bridle on, but that was not happening. Normally I would pony her with Rosemary. This time I did not even try. Rosemary is too quick for Dottie to keep up with, if you can believe that. 16 hand Dottie gets out walked by 14 hand Rosemary all the time. So I just closed both arena gates and let her loose. Now I would not do this with any other horse, it would not be good. Though I did do it after Roscoe was born, which was fun.
Ah, how time flies
 Anyway, I knew from a previous time that if I lead Dottie then take off the lead she will follow Rosemary on her own.
Rosemary and I had to push her off the fence line a couple of times when she got distracted by grass, but overall she followed us the whole time. She only walked, even when we trotted. Dottie made sure to change direction and stay on the inside track during the ride though. She also made sure she was there to get her piece of sugar when I was giving some to Rosemary. That is not a stupid horse.
Sugar decided how long the ride ended up being which was not long. Though not a typical work session, the ride did engage both their minds and require them to move in the sand arena. I like that fact that it is a two for one deal for me. With all the horses we have, being able to work more than one at a time is very helpful.
The next day Dottie gave me an awesome ride out on the trail. She even jumped something she would normally walk over and picked up a canter afterwards. I love that this 21 year old Draft may not have the best muscles, but she is feeling well enough to put in the effort. She is one happy horse. Hopefully, I can get her doing more of what she enjoys over the winter.
Nap time after losing all that hair
Dottie's clip art on her haunch

Trace clip #2, Dottie, is done in time for the warm blast we had. That leaves the grey boys left to do. I wish the weather would figure out what it wants to do. These temperature jumps and dips are hell.

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