Sunday, February 8, 2015


Age is only a number. What those years mean is an individual choice.
Sometimes there are things that just warm your heart. With horses these mean so much. With my new schedule, I only see the horses at night. Most times it is cold and hard, limiting what we can do. It has been tough and a bit lonely. I hate the fact that my Mom and sister do most of the the daily chores in the morning and that I miss out on the camaraderie of working together. By time I get there, Peggy is done for the day and only pops her head out to say good night. Luckily my horses are willing to fill the gap, especially Rosemary. Since there is not a lot of work left for me, I feel like I need to ride.
After Rosemary's great response to a night ride, I decided to try Roscoe. It helps knowing Peggy and Larry are still awake in the house and keep watch.
Just like his mother, Roscoe let me have a night ride. No moon though so we walked in the slightly crunchy arena and ventured to the trail head. To dark for anything more. So good for his first time.
My super baby with a wild mane
I put the western saddle on for a little more security. The arena was too crunchy to do anything more than walk, so that is what we did. Roscoe acted no differently than if the sun had been shining. And even though I did not have spurs he remembered our last ride with them. His bending was so much better. Then we left the arena to walk toward the trail head. I had no plan to go out because the moon was absent. Roscoe was super. I asked him to walk on and he did, trusting me. That means so much to me. Now I can't wait for better weather and less crunchy footing to get some more in depth work. At 3 1/2 his maturity amazes me.
While I rode Roscoe, Sonny came out and observed. He has seemed really interested recently. Saturday Peggy told me she had thought to start riding Sonny again. I agreed that it was worth a try. And to clarify, the "riding" would be walking around for like five minutes because he is over 30 and has not been ridden in years. Today we were going to put the treeless on him and take him for a hand walk on trail. But after saddling him Peggy thought he would be disappointed if no one got on him. Considering he had not moved or objected to the process so far we figured,why not. Sonny used to be ridden in a bitless bridle so we just put leadlines on his halter with a long lead for Mom to hold.
Just walking into the arena, you could see Sonny perk up and get a hop in his step. Peggy leaned on his back, but again there was no reaction from Sonny. She swung her leg over and sat on her boy with a smile.
Back together again!!!
They did a lap around with Mom leading before deciding to unleash them.
Sonny and I go way back. My friend owned him before Peggy and many times we rode together. Some of those rides we switched horses, so Sonny and I did many a trail ride. He is not an easy ride because he has flair that does not always take in account a rider. He may do a leap and just expect you to stay with him.
One Happy Pony and One Happy Rider
Well when Peggy took control, I could see the old Sonny start to come through. He tried to hop into a trot, but Peggy said no. It was so great to see him so happy to work. Peggy walked him over a few poles with no issues. Deciding not to push her luck, Peggy dismounted soon after.
They love a challenge at any age
We untacked him to see if he wanted to roll in the sand, but he was more interested in following Peggy around. Peggy jogged a bit and Sonny trotted right behind her. When Peggy tired, I took over giving him longer trot periods. He followed me in circles, over poles and changing directions. When I stopped he halted right by me. Cookies kept the experience positive.
I am a big believer in keeping horses in work if they can and want to. It does help keep them young and healthy. Yes the level and intensity of work many decrease, but the challenge is still present. Sonny has watched all the others go to the arena and work. He decided he was done missing out. Now he will join the work list. For all of us it was the most heartwarming moment to see him go out in the turn out and show off his "saddle mark."

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  1. aww that's very sweet! we have a couple of retirees at my farm that definitely enjoy the occasional ride. looks like Sonny had some fun!