Monday, February 23, 2015

Naked Ponies... and A Love Affair

We actually got out of our Artic freeze for a day. I decided to let all the horses go naked. They needed a break after wearing 400grms for so long. I brought my fancy camera out to play with and focused on the Red boys. They definitely had trouble in their eyes.

Double Trouble
Through the woods and over the hill
Even cut off he is awesome
Cruising Comrade
Across the field
Look at that stretch
Stepping Out
Multi Directional
Working on pair action
Working Butt and Ab muscles
Proving they are the male variety :/
Oh, your still watching?
Girl watching
Roscoe's reading Conehead belly spot
Resting, They are so close in height now
Not to be left out
Rosemary and her tree
Showing the boys how it is done
Look Familiar?
Pretty Girl
After I took pictures, I started to hear squealing while I worked in the barn. I looked out to see Dottie and Sonny sweet talking each other. He was rubbing on Dottie's butt and softly nickering at her. Dottie said yes she was in season, but not yet open season. Sonny said okay, but showed her he was ready and able even in his thirties. Eventually we pulled him out to keep the calm. I came home today to find Mom and Peggy put them out together. And today Dottie said it was open season. Sonny answered the call to duty not once, but twice. Happy girl was satisfied the rest of the day. We have a feeling that Sherman used to service her too. I guess we can be happy both these boys are shooting blanks.

Lover boy

Almost ready for action


  1. lol ponies look like they're enjoying the break in the weather!!

  2. That "multidirectional" photo is stunning!!

  3. Yep they took full advantage of their time.
    Thanks Tracy, I thought it was a cool shot. So glad someone saw what I did :)

  4. Wow I love the photos!!!! So beautiful! It's really funny because at first I couldn't see the tail bag and thought he'd lost all of his tail hair!!!! I swear my eyes popped out of my head lol.