Monday, February 16, 2015


We have had very cold weather lately. Add wind and it is down right miserable. Yesterday, we had an early start in order to make it to work on time. Mom was adding liners to their heavy weights, my sister was making food and I was filling hay bags. The horses were soaking up the sun while they could.
Peggy came out a little later and started passing out the filled hay bags. Everything was moving like clockwork. While finishing the last few things, Peggy came up and said that she had to go get the girls. All of us were thinking about she was talking about her escape artist chickens. Then I saw her reach for halters. UH OH... that means she is talking about Dottie and Rosemary. I told my sister to go help her, not thinking there would be a problem. I carried out the last hay bag, passing my sister who was getting carrots and walked out to see Dottie and Rosemary running down the driveway. Oh Shit! I ran for the fence and watched them turn left and head up the road. Those damn girls were going visiting.
Double Trouble

Just up the road is a herd of Arabians. Both herds can see each other and spend time communicating long distance. I guess Dottie decided a freaking cold, windy day was perfect to have a face to face. When Peggy and I hit the road, we could not see them anywhere. The Arabs were in their barn. I just started cursing. Poor Peggy felt so bad. I sent her back for a car and sent my sister up a side road near the Arabs. Then I called work to say we would be late.
Eventually Mom, Peggy and Larry picked me up in the truck. I was beginning to feel like we needed to head back to where my sister was headed. So after going down the road and turning around we went towards that side road. As we approached we could see my sister leading Rosemary and the Arabs' owner leading Dottie. After relief hit, I laughed and said I was surprised he had a halter that would even begin to go around Dottie's head.
My sister said she found them eating the grass in his yard, but with only carrots she could only keep them in the area. Of course she did not have her cell phone, leaving the rest of us stressing.

All together it was only 20 minutes, but boy did those girls worry me. I have heard too many horror stories about loose horses to not stress. Plus DaVinci was ticked at them for leaving him behind and Roscoe was screaming for his girls. When they were tucked back in the field eating hay, we could laugh about it while rushing to work.
Onto the next adventure, which looks like snow.
And this is how we feel about snow :(


  1. yikes - naughty horses!!! glad everyone came home safe and sound !

  2. So bad! Glad you caught them and no one was any worse for the adventure :)